You will need
  • - The IMEI code of your phone;
  • - documents on the phone;
  • - a statement to the police
Do not immediately block the SIM card of the phone. There is a small probability that with her after the theft will go, it can help law enforcement authorities in the investigation. But in that case, if the account has a decent amount of money or you are using a postpaid tariff, better still to lock the SIM card with its subsequent recovery.
If you didn't care enough to find out and record the IMEI (dial *#06#) you can find the factory code on the package of your phone. Even if an attacker changes the SIM card, the operator will be able to locate the stolen phone and give the police details of his new owner. Remember that sometimes indicated on the package code can not match the real serial number of the phone. Their reconciliation should be performed at the time of purchase of the device.
Be sure to write a police report about the stolen phone. The application form is not regulated. Specify your name, address, telephone number, IMEI stolen cell phone, don't forget to provide documents on the phone. Insist that the police gave a search on the IMEI of the cellular company, the services you used.
Together with the application submit to the police records the date when they had lost phone. To do this, contact the service center of your mobile operator. If the sim card was registered to you, to the provision of such treatments will require your passport. The telephone bill is paid, but you will need a small amount of money.
If you wish, you can put information about the stolen phone on the appropriate network resources. For example, here: There are other sites with blacklists the IMEI of stolen phones, you can find them by typing in the search engine matches the query, for example: "blacklist stolen phones."