If you find that your cell phone is lost as soon as you can call it from another phone. If the missing cell phone is somewhere nearby, you'll find it by the sound of the ringtone. If your phone someone found, then it is likely that the finder will answer your call and then you will be able to negotiate with him about the recovery of your lost phone.
It is much harder to find a missing cell phone, if the person who found him decided to give the phone itself, or if you become a victim of robbers. In this case the phone will probably be taken out the SIM card, so attempts to call him to anything will not lead. If you find yourself in this situation, without wasting time, contact the police.
The police write a statement about the missing cell phone. If you know the IMEI of the phone, be sure to specify it.IMEI number is international mobile equipment identity assigned to the phone during its manufacture. IMEI is fifteen digits and remains unchanged regardless of which SIM card is currently on the cell phone. Therefore, knowing your IMEI, using a special technology it is possible to calculate the phone's location to within a few meters, and get information about the owner SIM card is in the phone at this moment.
If you applied in the day of the loss cell phone and pointed it at the same IMEI, the police will surely be able to find it. If you do not know the IMEI of the phone, or strongly "pulled" with the submission of the application, the chances of finding the phone fall to virtually zero.