The location of the person using the mobile operator

Most methods are based on the use of advanced information technologies and communication services. The most common is the use of the services of mobile operators. The procedure for connecting this service is similar to most of them. For the convenience of customers it as simple as possible. The algorithm begins with activation of send the request in the form of a USSD command, specifying the phone number of the wanted man. After that, the request for service activation is confirmed by the SMS message according to the operator tariff. This service uses an Internet connection in order to determine the location of the person, guided by the signals of his mobile device. Users of this function enough to carry any portable device with network access.

  • The "service Locator" from Beeline (Android only): room 5166 sent a blank SMS and downloaded the app. The service costs 3 rubles a day, it is possible to track 5 rooms including operators MegaFon and MTS.
  • Service "Navigator" from the Megaphone: sent USSD-command *140# or search is on the website The desired subscriber is tracked on the website or via USSD-command *140*number search phone#, the phone being searched is indicated by format 7 XXXXXXXXXXXX. Price: 3 rubles per day. You can monitor and MTS.
  • MTS: connected to the service "Locator". Sending the USSD command *111*788# activate this service. Sending SMS to 6677 the name and phone number of the monitored subscriber, you add it to the list of monitored. For example, "DOB Catherine 89610536445". Surveillance is conducted for subscribers of MegaFon. The paid service, the price - 100 rubles a month.

Methodology an online search is available even for regular phones, do not require the installation of special software or reference to the stationary equipment, making it the most common tracking system.

Find out the location via GPS tracker

The search function also has a built in GPS tracker. This device partially duplicates the functions of a conventional phone, allowing you to receive and make calls to a limited number of rooms, with built-in GPS component associated with the satellite, makes the device a kind of "tracker", allowing with high accuracy to determine the location of the person, owning this GPS tracker.

Providing GPS tracker Sim card and adjusting the settings for receiving notifications, the user can at any time to know its position with high precision, using Internet resources, as well as through SMS. A range of options of this device enables its wearer to exercise complete control over all movements of the object of surveillance, and compact size "light", therefore it is virtually invisible and easy to use. GPS tracker is widely spread as an appropriate instrument for parents with high precision to determine the location of their children. Thanks to this device the children are under constant supervision, and their parents receive notification about their movements.

Mobile app – another way to find the location of the person

The owners of modern portable communication devices, it is advisable to use special search functions through a mobile application integrated in the operating systems of most smartphones. Downloaded and installed these programs absolutely free. The search function they are configured the best way, and in cases necessary, the specialists of service center will help you to solve all questions in the use of search programs on smartphones.

Beware of scams

When trying to learn the location of the person try not to fall for tricks fraudsters. On beautifully designed sites, they can offer these services for a nominal fee. But sending an SMS to a short number, you will simply lose money. The second option is to download the program, ostensibly to track the location of a person. Instead, the computer will simply be infected by a malicious virus.

Modern technology promotes the implementation of advanced surveillance techniques available to the masses. Thanks to modern GPS systems and special applications of the latest smartphones and programs designed for regular phones to determine the location of the person is not difficult.