Call the technical support service of your operator to learn the location of the person on the phone, which can be found on the website of the company. It will save time if you do not wish to understand the proposed services and to make their connection for a long time. Inform the name, surname and patronymic of the person you want to find, then give me your full name and passport details, if need be.
Pass the mobile number of the subscriber, then expect some arrival time of the message with the coordinates of the right person. Please note that to find the location of the person on the phone will be possible only with his consent. If he won't send a reply SMS message with the confirmation you will not receive his coordinates. In addition, it is not always possible immediately call up the operator, and the process of finding the desired accommodation in a manual mode too, takes some time.
Connect special service that allows you to know the location of the person on the phone. The subscribers of MTS need to use "Locator". Activate it by sending SMS with mobile phone number of the subscriber to the number 6677, and then wait for confirmation and a response message with the coordinates. Usluga is paid, and each search result will cost you the sum from 10 to 15 rubles.
Activate the location services of the subscriber on the operator Beeline. Send to the short number 684 the letter L and follow the instructions. The service costs about 2 rubles.
Select how to know the location of the person on the phone, on the tariffs of MegaFon. For example, you can take advantage of the easy USSD request: dial *148* subscriber's number# by including it in the international format using "+7". You have a short number 0888 to connect to "Locator" and other services, as well as a special website providing the coordinates of the person on the map online. Each search will cost about 5 rubles.
Go to your personal office on the website of the operator whose services you use, in the list of current options rate select and connect those that are designed to perform people search. Here you can run them off, if you are no longer required.