How to find someone on the map using IPhone

To find a person by phone number on a map free online, use your mobile device iPhone one of the latest versions. Thanks to Apple, users can now track the location of other subscribers. This function is available after you install one of the special apps in the App Store, for example, "Find my iPhone" or "My friends".

Sign into the app using the identification number of the IPhone (Apple ID) of your relative or friend, the location of which you want to monitor. In the future, the phone will be available for search by request through the program, and the current position of the person is displayed on the map. In this way the program works My friends. It is important to remember that all this must be done in advance, as if the man suddenly lost, you will not be able to know his identification number necessary for tracking.

Find a person by phone number on the map for free online allows iCloud from the same Apple (link is below). On the home page you need to enter a personal identifier of the phone of the desired subscriber. Go to the function "Find my iPhone", then enter your account. Once the authorization is completed, you will see a map display on her caller. On the accuracy of the coordinates of the phone can be judged according to the degree of brightness of the green dots. If you want to keep track of multiple devices, switch between them in menu "All devices".

How to find a person by phone number MTS, MegaFon and Beeline

The largest Russian mobile operators allow you to find a person by phone number on the map, but not for free and for a nominal and affordable cost. For example, MTS provides services "Locator" and "Child care," the Megaphone "Navigator", Beeline "Mobile locator". Services are activated a special command, which can be obtained by calling customer service need of the operator or by examining official site.

Remember that the man in search of the map is therefore only with his consent. Once you follow a special team, he will be notified and will have to answer "YES." Otherwise, the coordinates of the person are not identified. If the answer is positive you will be redirected to the online map, which will indicate the approximate location of the subscriber (if he is in range of a network).