The appearance of skin Allergy may be areas raised, tender red rash, which eventually will peel off. In severe cases, allergic dermatitis can develop not only standard hives, but also weeping eczema. The most important thing in such cases is to eliminate the causes of allergies. This will help with a variety of antihistamines and ointments ("Fenkarol" or "Core").


Ekzemopodibnymy rash on legs and feet, accompanied by itching at the same, very often develop in the winter, it often becomes hypothermia, a common dry skin and vitamin deficiencies. The rash on my feet (constantly itchy) may also be associated with a skin reaction to the waxing procedure, but basically it is a striking symptom of dermatological diseases (psoriasis or atopic dermatitis).

Itchy legs can be caused by jaundice disease that occurs in mind a variety of causes (diseases of the liver and gall bladder, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy). Of vascular disease (varicose veins) and various endocrine the nature of the disease (diabetes) can also be the causes of eczema and ulcers of the lower extremities.

Infectious rash on legs

In the case of sustainable itching and rashes that are spread through the body and are accompanied by the General intoxication of the organism, it is mandatory to seek medical help. For example, if the rash on the legs is red and itchy, the body temperature is elevated, is the place to be intoxication and strong overall deterioration of health, then this could be erysipelas. This condition is caused by a streptococcal infection and require necessary treatment by a surgeon.

Also this combination of symptoms can be an infectious disease inherent in children's age (varicella or measles). With the defeat of the body by fungi (athlete's foot) or protozoan microorganisms (mange) can also appear itchy rash on legs. In such cases, the itching will spread to the fingers and the interdigital spaces of the feet, and in the case of scabies on the skin will appear whitish stripes with small bubbles, and the itching will grow mainly at nighttime.

Preventive measures

Prevention of itchy rash starts with a healthy lifestyle: avoid eating highly allergenic foods, and in autumn and winter to maintain the body with vitamins. It is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene (daily washing of the feet, use moisturizer and avoid wearing someone else's shoes). During the procedure depilation only need to use a sharp razor and shave in the hair growth, use special tools before and after the procedure.