This disease is a purulent inflammation of the skin caused by Staphylococcus. Initially, in the region of the hair follicle is formed the swelling, redness. When pressing on the area pain is felt. This is followed by formation of pustules pus formation around the thread. After a few days it dries, forming a crust. This inflammatory process ends. Over time the crust moves away from the skin, without leaving a trace.

Without proper treatment this disease can be complications. In many cases, the pustules form painful boils. Upon detection of symptoms of ostiofollikulit ask for help in a medical institution.

Causes of rash on thighs

In many cases, a rash on the thighs is formed from the friction of skin against the clothing from insect bites, by scratching the skin from itching. The formed scratch or wound can cause infection. A favorable environment for bacterial growth is created as a result of violations in the work of sweat glands that lead to clogged pores.

One of the common causes of the rash on the thighs is poor personal hygiene. If not periodically change linen, do not take baths, you can create a favorable environment for the development of various infections.

A weakened immune system (due to diseases: renal failure, pneumonia, SARS, meningitis, tuberculosis) may be the cause of the rash on the thighs. Staphylococci, being on the surface of the skin of each person, penetrate into the mouth of the sebaceous gland or hair follicle and reproduce. Depressed and weakened by disease, the body cannot fight the infection and prevent the reproduction of pathogens.

Treatment for rashes on thighs

Treatment of the rash usually done with antiseptic agents and antibacterial therapy. Also a good effect is ultraviolet irradiation therapy and laser therapy.

For the local impact of lesions ointments: Chloramphenicol and Lincomycin".

With a slight rash it is possible to reveal the festering pustules of the further processing antiseptic drugs: sulfanilamide, prisypannom boric powder, the alcohol solution of iodine, fukortsin.

In advanced cases, the use of antibiotics combined with strengthening the immune system. Patients are prescribed vitamin therapy, General ultraviolet therapy, ultraviolet and laser irradiation of blood.