You will need
  • zinc ointment remedy on the basis of silver, a lotion of Hamamelis virgin, calamine lotion, Pepto-Bismol, milk of magnesia, soda, vinegar, nettle, hydrocortisone ointment.
Causes of blisters on the body may be various diseases, allergic reactions, burns, frostbite, contact with poisonous plants and substances, etc. Are blisters filled with fluid, can cause a person considerable anxiety and cause itching, burning, pain. How to treat blisters on your body?
You first need to figure out the nature of the blisters. After all, if they are caused by any infectious disease that might require treatment in hospital, treatment with antibiotics and other drugs. Of particular danger are the blisters on the feet and legs of patients with diabetes mellitus, as in this case, they can be a precursor to sores. The latter often leads to gangrene.
Prior to the scheduled consultation, the physician should try not to violate the integrity of the blisters. If the bubble burst, the skin on it you want to save and eliminate pressure and friction in this area. In any case it is not necessary to impose on the sore spot adhesive bandage. To prevent inflammation and further infection, blisters on the skin must be lubricated zinc ointment or lotion for disinfection based on silver sold in pharmacies.
Tightening effect and the ability to narrow the blood vessels, a lotion of Hamamelis virgin or calamine lotion. If such drugs at the pharmacy, you can purchase Pepto-Bismol or milk of magnesia and use strictly according to instructions. In itching blisters is not forbidden to prepare this remedy: ordinary baking soda mixed with water to obtain a homogeneous slurry and apply on the affected area. The result is itching in the area of bubbles will take place and the skin will calm down.
The same effect has and vinegar. One teaspoon of vinegar should be diluted in one tablespoon of warm water. Moistened cotton swab in the solution, to treat sore spots. With blisters on the skin resulting from allergic reactions, perfectly cope infusion of nettle. This herb has antihistamine effect and is widely used in folk medicine to mitigate the consequences of allergies. One tablespoon of nettle pour a glass of boiling water and drink as tea. Can be eaten fresh nettle leaves.
To treat the blisters on the body can be and hydrocortisone ointment. If the therapy does not work, the blisters on the body heal, but even more red and covered with pus, consult a doctor. The increase in body temperature, the onset of pain and blisters increase in size should also be cause for referral to a specialist.