Red spots on feet - a symptom of some diseases

Red spots on the feet are a symptom of athlete's foot - a common fungal disease. They may be accompanied by itching, burning and an unpleasant odor. Fungi fall on the feet in the pools and showers, through subjects of personal hygiene. The cause of the fungal growth can become excessive sweating feet, wearing uncomfortable, tight shoes. The disease may be asymptomatic for several years without much discomfort for the person.

Sometimes red spots on the feet have pigment in nature and indicate venous insufficiency. While there are complaints Swersey pain. To ensure the development of venous insufficiency, it is necessary to position the foot vertically, they will appear small spots. They disappear if the foot is horizontal. In case of venous insufficiency should immediately contact the doctor. Red circular rash can be a symptom thrombocytopenic purpura, in which blood clots appear at the same time and local bleeding. Spots can vary in size, overall health may deteriorate.

Of red spots on the feet may appear in viral diseases (measles, rubella, varicella). However, in this case the rashes are scattered throughout the body, deteriorating General condition, body temperature rises. Rash on the feet and calves of the legs may appear in syphilis in the secondary period, which lasts longer than 5 years. Spot in this case will be bright and can be distributed almost throughout the body.

Other causes of red spots on the feet

One of the possible reasons for the occurrence of red spots is a deformity of the foot. It can also develop in children and adults. If you increase the weight load on the foot is distributed unevenly, as a result, may appear stains.

Spots on the feet can be symptoms of an allergic reaction if the allergen came in contact with these parts of the body. In this case, the skin rash often accompanied by itching and burning, the body temperature does not rise. Sometimes the skin is covered with blisters filled with fluid. And in some cases it flakes, it becomes dry.

Red spots on feet may be the result of mechanical or chemical action. Some chemicals can have a negative effect on the skin and cause rashes. One or more spots on the feet can result from wearing uncomfortable shoes.