The most harmless, what may appear such points on the body — it's an unfortunate shaving legs or hands. If you used too high-quality machine or did not use disinfectants, after-shave may be irritation of separate areas of the skin. So only use a personal razor and be sure to apply emollients to the skin.
Red dots can be signs of allergies. In this case, pay attention to your diet and eliminate obsolete products that are able to cause such a reaction. It can be citrus, pomegranates, honey, very sour or spicy sauces and condiments.
If the appearance of red dots caused by some reasons, first of all, contact the clinic. If you are liver disease, immediately get treatment. Strictly follow all doctor's orders, propene medications, and further follow the diet. Do not consume fatty, fried foods. Limit alcohol intake, do not visit fast food restaurants. Organize your diet in a balanced way, with enough consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.
Usually red dots on body are not independent disease, and indicate the malfunction of internal organs. So, in addition to problems with the liver, they can cause disorders in the pancreas. So be sure to do biochemical analysis of blood. The specific cause can be established only after a thorough examination.
If the tests showed no violations, contact your dermatologist. There are many different skin diseases, which are expressed as sporadic red dotsand redness of certain skin areas.
Only if you managed to install the entire absence of disease, can be directed to the beautician. A good technician will mask your point, tell me how to apply makeup so they appear in the course of the day, what means to use.