Note how quickly the rash. Allergies occur almost suddenly. The eruption has the form of a raised, tender, pale-red nodules. The affected area may be very itchy or burning. Rash occurs in any position on the face, tongue, ears, belly, feet, hands, etc. the Size of skin lesions can be very small or stretch virtually the entire body.
Most often allergies occur from eating certain foods. So remember what you ate for the last 2-3 hours. The reason for the rash can be chocolate, nuts, tomatoes, berries, milk, fish. If you notice a reaction to certain products in the future refrain from their use.
As an allergic rash can occur after taking certain medicines or injections. So if you have a rash and swelling after drug administration, immediately discontinue therapy and contact your doctor.
Allergy in the form of small pimples may appear on the body and from the sun. At the first sign immediately hide in the shadows, slip into the body of the shirt.
During flowering of plants in some people appear Allergy symptoms. Here the lesions may be added, runny nose, tearing, sneezing.
Recently, many cases of allergic rash occurs when wearing synthetic clothing. Try as often as possible to walk in natural fabrics in the summer is best to wear cotton and linen shirts and tunics.
Sometimes rashes can occur after a physical impact on certain areas of the body. Let's say you were doing heavy physical labor, poured sand or grain, propetly, and rash in the armpits or on the chest. Usually, after work and taking a shower, she disappears. But next time during such dusty and heavy work, try to wear light protective suit.
There are also cases that allergies appear suddenly and as suddenly disappears. If this is repeated, you must consult your doctor who will be asked to take special tests to identify the allergen.