The appearance of lesions on the skin in dogs usually leads to the fact that the coat becomes dull, sometimes even can fall, of course, the animal begins to itch. And itching this can not stop practically for a minute.

Of course, you need to help. It gives him discomfort and may lead to serious health problems. After all, when combing clawed paws of a dog can cause infection in deeper layers of the skin, which will lead to the spread of infection, tissue inflammation and other problems.
Experts say that any form of a rash, even if you think that this is normal, it is better to consult a specialist. This will help not to miss the beginning of something more serious.

Causes of rashes in dogs

The cause of a rash in dogs can be almost anything. For example, if the animal has fleas. Their bites will be a little red spots, which are very very itchy.

The appearance of red itchy spots can easily be caused by common food allergies, which usually manifests in dogs in response to excessive protein intake. So the first thing is to check the food.
To assume that protein is only in meat canned error. It is found in poultry, and fish. So try to create a food diary of your pet and observe his reaction.

In addition, allergies can occur in detergent. For example, if you changed the shampoo, which washed a dog before, etc.

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The condition specifies the appearance of the rash

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A rash that appears in dogs can indicate many different diseases. This dermatitis and eczema and also ringworm, scabies, giardiasis and other diseases.

Serious illnesses that may indicate a rash appeared, called the plague, tuberculosis, tumors, streptococcal and staphylococcal infection.

If you find the pet rash not only on belly but on the inside of the thighs, near the anus, on the head, the nose, the lips and gums, it is likely a pyoderma – a pustular disease of the skin. Usually it shows up when staphylococci and streptococci penetrate more deeply into the skin and begin to multiply there.

The cause of pyoderma are increasingly sublimirovanny feed, adverse environmental conditions and sedentary lifestyle of the animal.

Treatment for rash

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Naturally, you need to first cure the underlying disease that is causing the issue. Without it, the rash will appear again.

However, symptomatic treatment to alleviate the condition of the animal also has not been canceled. The best option is to bistrigna of hair on the affected area. First, the treatment will go more intense. Secondly, nothing will further irritate the skin of the animal.

To treat damaged skin have bleach solutions. Good treatment will be such traditional preparations as a disinfectant, iodine, etc.

In severe cases you will have to give the animal a course of antibiotic. What exactly should tell the doctor.

Naturally, any violation of the condition of the dog lead to a decrease of immunity, therefore, will not be superfluous inclusion in the diet of pet, various vitamin complexes and immunomodulators. All this will help the body of the dog faster to cope with the disease.