In summer, allergic reaction can be triggered by long exposure to the sun, contact with a variety of grass and plants that cause allergies and burns, such as Hogweed. Insect bites often cause a similar reaction, especially in children. Primarily affects the hands, because this part of our body is always open and available to the allergen, and others not protected by clothing part of the body. Intolerable sense of itching, burning skin makes combing your skin, exacerbating the disease. To reduce and slow down the appearance of new lesions, it is possible only by eliminating the allergen.
Will review diet, eliminating from food products like tomatoes, all fruits except green apples, grilled meat, sausages, sweets, alcohol and much more. These products can enhance the allergic reaction.
Finally get rid of the allergic rash will help only a qualified specialist. Consult an allergist or dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe an antihistamine that blocks the production of histamine, which is derived from the plasma into the skin of the tiny blood vessels and capillaries. This is exactly what the allergic reactions and rashesas a consequence.
To relieve itching will help special ointments that assign can only be a doctor, because side effects has not been canceled, the self in such a situation is expressly forbidden.
To get rid of allergic rash yourself if the affected area of skin is large enough, you will not succeed. But to help yourself. Apply on the inflamed areas of the cold compress, wet cloth.
Possibly you should be in a cool place. And finally, your clothing should be light and airy. If these simple steps did not help you, contact your doctor, as allergies can lead to serious complications and lead to dizziness, change of pressure, swelling of the lips, tongue and so on.