Advice 1: Why itchy feet

Some people complain that they have itchy feet. Usually itching occurs when the skin is damaged. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. First of all, you need to consult a doctor to determine the causes.
Why itchy feet

Itching on the feet may appear due to stress, allergies, fungal skin diseases, for burns, insect bites. Also trigger irritation can mechanical damage (rubbed feet narrow shoes), and various infectious diseases. Allergies – the most common cause of itching. With her itchy feet, ears, hands. In rare cases in addition to itching occur swelling of the Airways, nausea, headache. At this illness it is necessary to identify the source of irritation and eliminate it.

Often the itch is an infectious disease – scabies. This disease provokes the itch mite which gets under the skin. In this disease very itchy feet, hands, abdomen. Itching increases more at night. Small bubbles appear and the thin grey stripes on the body (moves pathogen). This disease responds well to treatment, but never goes alone. Most importantly, at the first sign of illness to be safe and to visit a doctor. The disease is easily transmitted when an ordinary handshake is most common in children. If someone from the family members discovered the infection, treatment will have all.

Also, the cause may be fungus feet. On this ailment, many are beginning to pay attention when there is physical suffering, but in vain. After all, if you run the disease, can occur with other more serious diseases. Because of the foot fungus in the human body can accumulate toxins, as most fungi can synthesize toxic substances. At this illness there is a strong itching stop also itching interdigital folds. Starts skin peeling, the formation of small bubbles with liquid inside. When running the form, irritation can move to the back of the foot. If the foot fungus is not treated it grows on the nails.

Advice 2: How to treat the feet

Very often on the soles of the feet appears the redness and flaking that is accompanied by irritation and itching. Most often these symptoms are caused by a fungus that multiplies on the skin. There are a few simple ways to get rid of this unpleasanttion phenomenon.
How to treat the feet
Take the baking powder and prepare a mixture for the treatment of feet. It effectively fights fungus and reduces itching. Dry powder mix with warm water, then apply the resulting composition on the surface of the skin in the affected areas with a fungus. After three minutes, rinse composition, dry skin of the feet and lightly sprinkle with starch.
It should be understood that for gendertion cure fungal diseases may require more than one month, because this type of microorganisms is not extremely demanding to the environment and very difficult to effects of medication. Besides, if after recovery to disregard the rules of hygiene and skin care of the feet, the fungus may return.
Prepare 2 of the pelvis. In one type the hot water, the other cold. Put your feet first in a bowl of hot water for 2-3 minutes, and then quickly in a bowl of cold water for 10-15 seconds. This procedure should be repeated several times. Then the feet should be well dried. As therapeutic additives you can use oak bark or chamomile. The decoction is prepared as follows: 4 tablespoons of herbs poured a liter of boiling water and infused for half an hour, then the broth is filtered and added to water for baths. Good circulation in the feet can greatly increase the effectiveness of treatment, such as contrast baths for feet just improves the function of blood vessels.
Choose nice and comfy shoes. During the treatment, and to prevent fungal diseases, should pay careful attention to the choice of shoes. It should pass air, preventing build up moisture, which promotes active reproduction of microorganisms on the skin of the feet. In the warm season and when the weather is better to wear sandals.
Ointments containing naftalin and imidazole, very effectively destroy practically all types of fungus. They have no contraindications and are sold in the pharmacy. The most common of these are Antifungal, Fungizid-Ratiopharm and Cotrimazole.
Useful advice
As preventive measures recommended as often as possible to walk barefoot, regularly change socks and don't forget about personal hygiene. Because the fungus is contagious in public places, swimming pools and saunas, be sure to use special shoes.

Advice 3: Why itching

Itching on the inner and back sides of the palms, the wrists, the elbow – a phenomenon unpleasant and sometimes painful. Why itchy hands, the precise answer can only dermatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist or other doctor profile. In any case, first revealed the etiology, and then treatment. In fact, the causes of itching can be very different – from allergies to detergent to such serious as psoriasis and eczema disgidroticheskaya.
Why itching


Owners of sensitive skin, including skin often have an allergic reaction to detergents and cleaning products. Redness and itching can also occur after contact with hands of dust and dirt, touching some plants. The skin is sensitive even to water and to cold (snow, frost, rain). There are foods that cause an allergic reaction. First of all, it is chocolate, citrus, honey, nuts, condiments and spices. And, of course, allergies can be to medicine.

As a rule, the hands in contact with the allergen begin to itch immediately, so the cause can be recognized quickly and all treatment is to simply delete the contact. But it happens that a Allergy develops gradually, persists for a long time, and in this case to determine the etiology is problematic. For accurate diagnosis requires a trip to the allergist or the dermatologist.


Scabies is a fairly common cause of itching hands. Scabies (the itch sudna) can be picked up with a dense and sufficiently long contact with a sick person or animal. Favorite places microscopic parasite – thin and soft fabric wrists, interdigital space and other areas where it is easier to get under my skin. The classic manifestation of scabies – rash papulovesicular, i.e. similar to the rash of chickenpox. People affected by scabies, itches almost constantly, but in the evening time itching is still increasing. However, sometimes the itching occurs without itching, and the rash is almost not noticeable, however, in certain circumstances, stress, shock, shock and acute diseases the symptoms are extremely bright.


In places affected by ringworm, or dermatophytosis, (often hands), staining of a pink color, the skin on these areas is peeling and itchy. Often the media is depriving not attach importance to the problem and just lubricates cream on it or some folk remedy – aloe, celandine, plantain decoction of other herbs. It is dangerous. The treatment is delayed, the disease becomes threatening. Skin lesions can go all over the body and head, ringworm will take a chronic form, and then the person becomes a real source of infection to others. At the first suspicion of dermatophytosis need to rush to a dermatologist.

Disgidroticheskaya eczema

This disease characterizes the specific localization of the rash. Basically it is the skin of hands and feet. The problem requires a comprehensive approach and serious treatment. Causes of skin eczema doctors call a genetic predisposition (hereditary factor), and trauma, and diabetes, and diseases of the digestive system, and chronic gonococcal process sluggish current in the body, and much more. To identify the true etiology can only be a medic specialist. Treated disease it is hard, therefore, these patients used combined therapy.

Psycho-emotional stress

Nervous strain or emotional stress suffered shock or prolonged crying can cause rash on hands, accompanied by itching. Sometimes, a hundred itchy palm, but the skin is perfectly clean, and the itching is, is just to calm down. Be sure to see a neurologist. If due to objective reasons, the trip to the doctor is impossible, you can use folk remedies – decoctions and infusions of soothing herbs and roots (for example, motherwort, chamomile, Valerian root, etc.).

A bad cold or the flu

When a person gets sick a bad cold or flu, in his body there is a decrease in the immune system. Against this background, on the skin (and not only them) can get a rash, irritation, itching. Low immune system the body strives to get rid of harmful substances, these efforts are accompanied by high fever and profuse sweating. Pungent discharge (because it contains lactic acid) is released through sweat glands and pores, thereby irritating the skin and causing itching.

Advice 4: Why itchy palms

Usually itching of the palms is mocked. Having heard similar complaints from relatives and friends, people often remember all sorts of popular superstitions. But how things really are, and whether this fear? Perhaps regular itching of the palms is a serious reason to consult a doctor.
Why itchy palms


If itching of the palms is of a systematic nature at the hands of a rash, which does not rest, should immediately consult a doctor.

The most common reason for itchy palm is an allergic reaction to any product. This can be Soaps, powders, chemical solutions for cleaning household appliances, lotions, etc.
If in addition the palms are itching and other skin areas, it can be associated with allergies to scent, dust, food, Pets, etc.

Scabies can cause constant itching hands. The itch mite is most often settles under the skin between the fingers, on the wrists and other areas where delicate and thin skin. In these places, usually appear watery pimples. In this case, itching was more worried about in the evening. When stress symptoms only intensified.

Eczema – a very common skin disease. The result of this phenomenon becomes inflammatory process on the skin. Often on palms redness, blisters and peeling. Eczema can also be a complication of simple allergic reactions.

Itching palms can be caused by emotional stress, allergies, disruption of certain internal organs and fungal infections.
To determine the true cause of regular itching of the skin should seek the assistance of a qualified specialist.


In case of allergic skin reactions to external agents, you should observe what could cause itching. After that it is necessary to limit all possible contacts, and of contact with the irritant. You must regularly to maintain the humidity of the hands, using a variety of infusions, masks and nourishing creams. The treating physician can receive Allergy medicines.

If the cause of the itching of palms was such a disease, as scabies, you should immediately contact your doctor. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

Eczema of the skin should also seek the advice of a qualified technician. You should avoid scratching the skin. Otherwise, you will only aggravate the situation. Often eczema of the skin using a variety of recipes of folk medicine (bath of decoction of birch, compresses of a decoction of the leaves of burdock, lotions slurry of viburnum berries or fresh cabbage, etc.).
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