Itching on the feet may appear due to stress, allergies, fungal skin diseases, for burns, insect bites. Also trigger irritation can mechanical damage (rubbed feet narrow shoes), and various infectious diseases. Allergies – the most common cause of itching. With her itchy feet, ears, hands. In rare cases in addition to itching occur swelling of the Airways, nausea, headache. At this illness it is necessary to identify the source of irritation and eliminate it.

Often the itch is an infectious disease – scabies. This disease provokes the itch mite which gets under the skin. In this disease very itchy feet, hands, abdomen. Itching increases more at night. Small bubbles appear and the thin grey stripes on the body (moves pathogen). This disease responds well to treatment, but never goes alone. Most importantly, at the first sign of illness to be safe and to visit a doctor. The disease is easily transmitted when an ordinary handshake is most common in children. If someone from the family members discovered the infection, treatment will have all.

Also, the cause may be fungus feet. On this ailment, many are beginning to pay attention when there is physical suffering, but in vain. After all, if you run the disease, can occur with other more serious diseases. Because of the foot fungus in the human body can accumulate toxins, as most fungi can synthesize toxic substances. At this illness there is a strong itching stop also itching interdigital folds. Starts skin peeling, the formation of small bubbles with liquid inside. When running the form, irritation can move to the back of the foot. If the foot fungus is not treated it grows on the nails.