You will need
  • -Knowledge of the density of the material of the body p;
  • -Knowledge of the volume of the body V.
Suppose we have a body which has a volume V, and the substance from which it is composed, has a densityu p. Then to calculate the mass of a body we need to calculate the product of the density and volume of the body:
mass m = density p * volume V. let's Consider an example. Suppose that we are given a concrete block with a volume of 2 cubic meters. From the table of densities of various substances under normal conditions, we find the density of concrete (2300 kg/cubic meter). Then the mass of the block concrete will be:
m = 2300*2 = 4600 kg or 4.6 tons.
How to find <strong>weight</strong> <b>density</b> and the volume