Advice 1: How to build biceps weights

Weight – a very useful projectile, which can be either primary or secondary in training for mass and strength. It is also very effective can be pumped and the biceps.
How to build biceps weights
Pick a few different weights for training. A feature of this projectile is its constant weight, which is difficult to add or subtract. There are several basic types of weights: 16, 24 and 32 kg. of Course, at the initial stage, even the lightest shell in 16 kg is quite heavy for the athlete. So pick a weight that will fit exactly to your requirements. If you are able, start with 16 kg and gradually increase the weight on it, tying a small cargo.
Perform warm-up exercises. Next, take in both hands a light fretboard or dumbbells. Do 2-3 sets to warm up the biceps. In each set enough to perform 8-10 repetitions. Alternately bend your elbows, slowly letting the shell down. Warm-up is necessary first of all to prevent injury while working with weights, and for careful preparation of the muscles.
Lift the weight on a biceps, sitting. The shell at the first stage should not be as heavy. So, take in one hand a dumbbell and sit on a horizontal bench. Abut the elbow of the working arm in the thigh area. Produce slow flexion and extension of the hand during maximum straining biceps. If you feel that a weight heavy enough for you, use the method of "chitting", that is make at the end of the approach a few quick low-amplitude repetitions. Do 3-4 sets of 8 times each.
Work with both weights and in a standing position. The following exercise, you will have two hands. Take weights in both hands and begin to lift them one at a time to yourself. The scheme of the exercise is the same – 4 sets of 8-10 reps. In fact, this exercise is very similar to dumbbells or a barbell. Remember that in this case the method "chitting" it is very desirable to use because you can injure the joints. Use it only in case of muscular failure.
While lifting weights you need to inhale during lowering - exhale.

Advice 2: How fast to fly to pump up the biceps at home

The biceps is a good visible, the large muscle located on the front surface of the shoulder. Many athletes most of their attention in sports devote this muscle. Useful tips and exercises will help build up your biceps at home for a short time.
How fast to fly to pump up the biceps at home

Helpful information

The biceps in its structure, has two beam or head. Long – located on the outer, front part of the arm. It starts from the glenoid fossa (upper edge of the blade). Short head starts from the shoulder blade, but passes closer to the inner part of the arm.
Arm bending at the elbow joint, the primary function of the bicep.

If you are starting out, it is not necessary to perform the exercises every day. To develop muscles should gradually. Just 2-3 workouts a week for 40-60 minutes. Remember: muscles are like classes using strength and high reps.

Exercises for biceps

One of the most simple and effective exercises that you can perform at home, lifting dumbbells. In this case, you can pump up the muscles of the forearm and the bicep. This activity involves during the lift the rotation brush with the turn out. This technique leads to a drastic reduction of the biceps.

To perform the exercise, accept the initial position. Stand up straight. Feet position shoulder width apart. Keep the dumbbells in the lowered hands inward. Take a deep breath and hold your breath while raising the dumbbells up. Start the reversal of the brushes, when the forearm will be parallel to the floor surface. Please note: the dumbbells should be lifted as high as possible. Repeat the rotation of the brushes in the reverse order, lowering the dumbbell. Go back to the original position once the elbows are bent at a right angle.
When performing this exercise, try to keep your elbows stationary.

"Spider curl" is an exercise in bending of the arms with an emphasis of the elbows. It has several variations of execution. General technique – tilting body with a free dangling hands. This exercise is excellent for pumping, shoulder muscles and biceps.

To complete the exercise at home sit on the edge of the bench or stool. Make a tilt forward, spread the legs shoulder-width apart. Press your elbows into the inner thighs. Hands grab the bar narrow grip. Perform flexion and extension of hands. The exercise should be repeated 15-20 times in 2-3 sets.

Alternate bending of the arms with dumbbells also contributes to the pumping of the biceps. The exercise involved the upper section of the pectoralis major muscle, anterior deltoid, biceps, shoulder and brachioradialis muscles.

Stand straight or sit on the edge of the bench. In the hands take your dumbbells, turning your palms inwards towards the trunk of the body. Follow the breath in and hold your breath. Bend one arm at the elbow, turning the brush on and lifting the dumbbell. At the end of the movement exhale. Repeat, alternating hands.

Advice 3: How to build biceps at home

Harmoniously developed arms, usually associated with large biceps. But what if going to the gym simply do not have time, and have a beautiful body I want? The solution is simple: to pump up the biceps at home is not so difficult, just basic sports equipment and an hour a day.
How to build biceps at home
You will need
  • - Two dumbbells
  • The post
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Mash shoulder joints and elbows rotating movements, first half-bent hand, and then straight. Do the flapping for five minutes. This will secure the necessary preparation of the joints for the upcoming workouts.
Stand up straight, back straight, look just above the level of your growth. Straighten the neck, and taking the dumbbells in hand, keep your elbows to the body. Alternately lift each hand with an average speed to the shoulder and without a fixing in this position lower down. Do twelve repetitions with each hand and repeat this approach four times.
Let out your breath, pick up a barbell. Stand up straight, head looking straight. Press the elbows to the body and lift the barbell up to the chin movements. Repeat this exercise thirty times in three approaches. In the latter approach make fifteen repetitions, can use a little cheating and a greater number of repetitions – in this approach it is necessary to load the biceps as hard as possible.
Sit on a chair and take in the right hand dumbbell with a weight that you used in the first exercise. Lean your triceps on the inner part of the thigh and lift it up as quickly as possible. After reaching failure biceps change to a hand. Do this exercise before the ceiling failure is five repetitions with each hand.
Enough to exercise your biceps every other day, more frequent training leads to an increase of mass and strength.
Useful advice
Avoid cheating in all exercises except those in which it is allowed – this will ensure the load of the bicep!
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