One of the major advantages of the kettlebell in front of dumbbells and barbell – weight distribution on two control points, not one. This allows not to limit the power of the working muscles and to use in training large weight. Moreover, exercises with weights almost do not bear the risk of injury. This means that strict technique is no longer needed and a set of working weights will be much faster. Limit the intensity training with weights higher than when tahani barbells and dumbbells. This means that muscles will grow faster subcutaneous fat will be burned more intense. From a practical point, kettlebell training develops better functional strength that gives an advantage in the use of force in vivo.
To build chest muscles with weights, perfect bench press horizontally or at angles. Of course, it will be inconvenient to take the heaviest weights with stand, so you have to first throw them over his hips, and then with them to go on the bench. Various embodiments of the dilutions with weights is ineffective. For the development of the broadest muscle of the back are perfect pullups with weights. Unlike dumbbells or pancakes from the rod weight is better suited as an additional burden. Thrust in the slope of a narrow grip when working with weights is much more convenient than when working with dumbbells or a barbell. This exercise can also be supplemented by a thrust in the slope with one hand.
For pumping deltoid muscles the best exercise is the bench press over the head. And squeeze the shells can be both simultaneously and alternately. In the first case will develop strength, the second endurance. Classic mnogopoliarnym the snatch of the kettlebell strengthens muscles of the shoulder girdle that will help significantly reduce the risk of injury. To download better legs with squats with weights on your shoulders. Brings good results for the walking lunges with weights on your shoulders.
With kettlebells, there are coordination and strength exercises. They train power endurance and strength coordination. Having achieved success in accomplishing this, you can brag to your friends what they are likely to do.
One of these exercises is the squeezing the kettlebell upside down. The weight in his fist, jerk rises to the shoulder and then smoothly squeezed the bottom up. After that goes down, or presses the kettlebell upside down continuing. Another exercise – the full term. One weight is raised above the head and held in his outstretched hand. Without dropping it, sit down and take a second hand one dumbbell off the floor. Getting up, the second squeeze the weight up. The official record of this exercise with 32 kg kettlebells not beaten since 1907.
Juggling weights. Lean forward and grab the kettlebell with your free hand uperevshis in the thigh. Stroke move the weights forward at arm's length. When the kettlebell is at the level of the head, spin her pen down and. After making the shell full turn, catch it and coasting down between your legs for a new exercise with the other arm. Practice, you can juggle with both hands at once.