Advice 1: Do weightlifting on growth

Sport helps people to develop, strengthen muscles and grow. It is considered that for a child not suitable for all types of physical activities. Weightlifting, harmful or it is useful for a growing organism?
Young weightlifter
Choosing a sport for your child, parents are trying in advance to find out about positive and negative aspects of this species. Those who wish to give the baby to a section of weightlifting or powerlifting sessions, I was wondering whether the impact of physical activity on the growth of the child?

Exercises with a barbell do the person below?

It is noticed that girls can grow up to 19 years, boys up to 22. The active phase of growth in adolescents occurs:
• In girls from 11 to 13
• The guys from 13 to 16.
During this period, a child for a year can add 7-10 cm So the parent does not want to give them to the sections of weightlifting, in order not to slow down the process.

There is a perception that active classes and heavy loads will damage the fragile body. Growth hormones will be spent to increase muscle mass, energy and nutrients will be directed in the wrong direction. The growing body can't handle the load, which will adversely affect the formation of the child's body and its internal organs and systems.

Ongoing research has shown that it is not. In compliance with proper food, all rules for the exercise and the precise calculation, any harm weightlifting will bring. Exercise, on the contrary, helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

If you measure the height of a man before and after a workout with a barbell, it will change and people "reduced" 3 cm Is permissible.
The growth of any person in the course of the day changes. Without the stress difference measurements made in the morning and evening will be 1 – 2 see If you were carrying heavy bags or drag the furniture, you could become shorter by 1.5 cm or more for some time.
Changes will be associated with the seal of the intervertebral vertebrae. With age anyone begins to decrease in growth. In 60 years you will be below 2-3 cm, and 80 – 5-7 cm in contrast to 22 years.

Weight training will not affect growth

Usually in the section associated with heavy physical exercise such as powerlifting, weightlifting and bodybuilding, starting to recruit kids at the age of 8-9 years. Children's body begins to take shape, and physical activity help to develop bone structure and muscle. There is a perception that exercises with a barbell slow down these processes. Supposedly the bar on the shoulders puts pressure on the spine and this prevents the child to grow.

A weightlifting will tell you that is a myth.
A week for a workout spent about 8 hours, clean the rods on the shoulders of only 30 minutes Is 0.3% of the total time, the remaining 99.7% of nothing is pressing on the spine and the baby is growing.
It is proven that physical activity, exercising with a barbell in particular, stimulate the production of growth hormones. Most of them have kids will go towards the development and growth of the skeleton.

Judging by the growth of well-known athletes weightlifters, it should be noted that the chunky and stunted people are more resistant to stay on his feet. Due to this, the success is mainly low-growing tough. They can lift more weight and longer keep him.

Therefore, if you or your child want to do the heavy lifting, no doubt. Any physical activity under the supervision of an experienced coach will not bring harm.

Advice 2: What affects the growth of a teenager

The height of a man is laid down genetically, but that doesn't mean that it can not be influenced. One of the most important phases of that growth occurring in adolescence. Improper diet, lack of vitamins and physical activity, infection and injury can slow down the formation of the skeleton.
What affects the growth of a teenager

What determines growth?

In fact, the growth of a person prescribed in its genome, and determined at the stage of formation of the embryo. It depends on gender, inheritance received from parents, race – set of those attributes that cannot be changed. But this is only an approximate value, which varies depending on external factors that also affect growth. Ecology, nutrition, diseases, hormonal disorders, physical exercise, functioning of the pituitary gland affect the growth mechanism.

Growth provides somatropic hormone that promotes elongation of long bones in the limbs. The maximum quantity of this hormone produced during adolescence, so it is considered to be one of the most important in the formation of the human body. If at this stage the body will lack any substance or lifestyle will affect the production of the hormone, the growth may slow down.

Girls only grow more intense with 10 to 14 years, boys from 13 to 18. It is very important during this period to prevent impact on the growth of unfavorable factors.

The growth of a teenager

The pace and nature of growth of the adolescent is affected by nutrition. There are foods that contribute to the development of somatrope hormone, strengthen the skeletal system and causes the body to stretch out. It's any food high in protein – the main building material for the body, dairy products and other storage of calcium mineral, which is consist of bones and teeth, fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamin a, involved in the process of growth of the skeleton. The hormone is also found in cheese, butter, sour cream, some kinds of fish liver.

The diet of a teenager should be in proper ratio to be proteins, fats and carbohydrates along with other necessary nutrients and vitamins. Food fast food, is rich in so-called empty-calorie foods may slow the growth of the child.

A huge impact on the growth of a teenager having Smoking. Nicotine literally stops the action of somatrope hormone – and the sooner a person starts Smoking, the less it will grow to the point of growing up. Alcohol has a less focused impact on growth, but is also able to slow down or stop. Dangerous and other bad habits, including overeating, even healthy food.

Positively to the growth of a teenager affected by any physical activity, whether it is classes at the gym, running, swimming. But some exercises are particularly useful: stretching exercises for the spine, hanging on the horizontal bar. Passive way of life, conducting a lot of time in one position at the computer can affect development of the spine, which negatively affects growth.
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