So, if you set a goal to get a degree of candidate in masters of sports (CMS), you should know the following. First, start working on the implementation of the requirements based only if you're over 13 years, since before the level IMR are not assigned. CCM can be obtained by number of wins, or at busy places. So, to get the title of the CCM take on the competition such places:1. European Championships: singles – 5-8th place doubles – 3-4 place in the team competition – 3-4 places;
2. In the championship of Russia: in singles – 13-20 seats (number of wins – 12), doubles – 5th-6th place, team competition – 3-6 persons (number of wins – 12);
3. On the Cup of Russia in command superiority – 3-8 location (number of wins – 12);
4. On superiority of Russia: in singles – 5-8 place (wins – 12), doubles and team competition – 3-4 places (number of wins – 12).
If you participate in the team competition, to obtain the title, do not play less than half of the games. In the case of seeking to MMR by number of victories, in the course of the year win 12 wins over having the title of the KMS athletes, or 16 victories, among which half will be over the candidates in the wizard sport, and half – over athletes with I sports category. Year start counting from the date when you won the first victory. If you win, the athlete who has a sports title, a victory equal to two. In case of a victory on the same athlete, they are counted as one result. If you won due to technical reasons, such a victory at the expense of the title do not count. If the year of the competition you will be required number of years, even after the competition, take part in them.