You will need
  • - elastic bandage;
  • gymnastic bench;
  • - two weights;
  • - talc or magnesia.
Sit on a chair or gym bench. Your feet firmly planted on the floor. Take the right hand dumbbell, right elbow abut in the thigh. And slightly lean forward. Raise the dumbbell to the right shoulder. If the shell is too heavy for you, at the initial stage, lifting can be slightly help yourself with movement of the body. Perform 5-8 lifting on a biceps and adjust the arm.
Stand up straight. Dumbbells in the lowered hands, palms facing forward. In turn, raise the kettlebells up to the shoulder joints. Try not to help yourself body. This is valid only in the case of too great weight of the projectiles.
Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders, the sight in front of him. Grab both dumbbells and lift them to the shoulder joints. Elbows spread them apart. Smoothly straighten your arms, lifting the weights over your head. Do not use the inching technique, help feet. Try to squeeze the weights to achieve maximum effect.
Stand up straight. The weight is in the right hand behind the head. The elbow is bent and looks up. The left hand put on the right triceps. Slowly run the straightening of the elbow and lift the kettlebell over your head. The left hand fixes the correct position of the triceps. Do this exercise only when you reach certain results in the work with weights.
Put your left hand in the seat of a chair or gym bench. The right hand grasp the handle of the kettlebells, standing on the floor. The back slightly rotten and keep blades. Slowly pull the weight to the body. Try to keep the work was done mostly by the back muscles. Perform 5-8 upgrades and adjust the arm.
Put weights on the floor. Lean forward and grasp the arm shells. Tighten your back and keep blades. Slowly pull both kettlebells to the body, and then lower down. Do not change the position of the body. Perform 8-10 lifts and take a break for one minute. Then follow yet another approach.
Lie on the horizontal bench. Kettlebell hold in your hands. Palms facing down, the weights are on the forearms. Elbows spread them apart. Gradually unbend hands and squeeze the two weights from the breast. Straighten the elbow at the top completely to prevent injury. The weights should move in parallel. Perform two sets of 8-10 lifts.
Stand up straight. Lift weights to shoulders. Elbows spread them apart. Feet shoulder width apart. Slightly rotten in the lower back and begin to lower the body down, like sit on a low chair. Keep your heel from the floor. The lower you lower the body, the greater the load on the gluteal muscles. Return to starting position. Perform as many squats as you can.