The speed of growth of sports skill depends on many factors: proper training process, perseverance and willpower of the athlete, alternation of work and rest, balanced diet and genetic predisposition. The first four factors you can control. But genetics change is unlikely. Therefore, when choosing a sport to pass the test and identify the most advanced you have ability.
Determine what you is easier: running long distances or short? Does not like to run? Evaluate your capabilities in power sports such as weightlifting or powerlifting. You have a great response? Maybe you should try training in Boxing or table tennis. If you're not involved in sports, and the category you need, work out the first three months of General physical preparation. Develop equally all abilities: speed, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, etc. after three months, rate the dynamics of growth of sports results and select the most suitable for you sport.
Once you have decided on what kind of sports will specialize, join a sports section. Ask the coach, are his pupils at the competitions, how often are the regional and city competitions in their chosen sport. Find out how much time with your abilities you can achieve the desired discharge and what it needs to do. Be sure to read the rules of the competition, with the discharge standards and begin active training. Try to exercise regularly and carefully follow the program coach.
Once you reach the required performance, will perform at sporting events. To complete the Junior category is sufficient participation in the city. For assignment to adult level – in the regional. When you confirm a discharge, make an extract from the Protocol of the competition and take it to the regional Committee for physical culture and sport. In the Committee you will be given a certificate confirming the assigned category.