A considerable number of girls and young people interested in a profession as a conductor. This sort of activity attracts them the opportunity to visit many cities, to communicate with different people and, importantly, good earn. How to get a job as a conductor?

What requirements must meet the applicant for the position of "conductor"?

First of all, to work as a conductor can claim to be the person receiving not less than upper secondary education 11 grades of school and not under the age of 18. Upper age limit for women is 45 years and for men – 50. The potential handler must be fit state of health.
There is the opportunity to work as a conductor on a permanent basis, but only for a few summer months. This is because in the warm season introduced additional trains in all the popular areas, and the staff of the shipping company have to hire employees for this period. Thus, it is possible to work as a conductor a few months in order to decide whether you like this activity and whether you are ready to tie his life with her.

How to get work as a conductor

It all starts with the fact that the future guide will have an interview with the head of the personnel Department. It needs to have a passport, work book and a diploma of full secondary education. If during the interview the applicant for the position of conductor will manifest itself as a well-balanced, friendly and sociable person, his nomination will be approved at the level of the personnel Department, and then you can move on to the next stage.

Willing to work a conductor must first of all be trained on special courses, and then successfully pass the exam, thereby demonstrating their level of training. During the training you need to pass practice, which includes a test ride with an experienced guide. The trainee throughout the trip logs, which then seems to check.
After passing the exam, the graduate course will receive a certificate of the state sample, which should be in the personnel Department. Then you need to pass a medical examination in the outpatient clinic at the Department of Railways of your city. In addition, the conductor should have a sanitary book. When the examination is passed successfully, the applicant receives the right to participate in the competitive selection for the vacancy of a conductor.