Advice 1: How to meet a pilot

Sky, plane, different country - what could be more romantic. And it seems that in the center of it all is the pilot. To meet the pilot in normal life is difficult enough, but the probability is. There are places where you can meet with a representative of the most romantic profession.
How to meet a pilot
It is very difficult to meet the pilot in a big city. Too small a chance to meet the pilot in the usual cafe, on busy streets and in the parks. More rarely it can be found in clubs and at parties. Yes, even if they are there, it will be hard to recognize a pilot without form. Do not think that they very much stand out in the crowd. Yes, pilots always look handsome, they walk with your head held high. But can also look and the usual successful man. In order to avoid mistakes it is best to look for the pilot in certain circles.
Before getting to know the pilot, you need to gain knowledge. Enough to read aviation forums, to delve into the basis of aviation. Rare to find a pilot who will not talk about the aircraft. And if it is not possible to conduct a meaningful discussion, the first meeting never grow into something long lasting. Don't need too much to go into, but know some of the concepts still stands. The pilot can tell the story about how during engine start there was a double stall, and the interlocutor does not even understand what was going on.
If the youth has just started, and have a dream to get acquainted with the pilot, the easiest way to do this by enrolling in an aviation professional secondary or tertiary institutions. In Russia there are quite a number of aviation agencies. Saratov aviation College, Saint-Petersburg aviation technical school, known to many as LATUGA, Buguruslan school, aviation school in Cherepovets, Saint-Petersburg State University of civil aviation - here is a short list where you can do that. Apart from pilots, these institutions teach dispatchers, security personnel, managers and many others. So she is very easy to do there. And then, on the stream classes to meet with prospective pilots.
Another way to meet the pilot be a wonderful representative of the most romantic women's profession as a flight attendant. In large cities with constant frequency contests for the position of flight attendants. In order to master this profession you need to have great health and pass the courses listed by the airline. And at the very beginning of the flight the flight attendant will be familiar with a rather large list of pilot.
Remember your friends. Perhaps someone working or familiar with the pilots. Starting communication with a friend, you can join his company and to meet the pilot.
In major cities annually aviation exhibitions and demonstrations. For example, the MAKS air show, which show aircraft and various tricks. It's safe to say that most visitors to such events - employees aviation. Visit this event, talk to people, try to meet the largest possible number of people. Maybe among them will be a welcome pilot.
The pilot is not so much a romance as a very hard and responsible profession. If the goal of Dating is romance, then get ready for that beloved will always be on mission.
Useful advice
Try to find a pilot in social networks. Many indicate your profession when registering.

Advice 2 : Where can you meet an officer

Her husband, an officer is stability and confidence in the future. Of course, life with the Prince in uniform" means not only "fairy tale", but some hardships, frequent moves and long travel spouse. However, all this is not too important if you have a strong and reliable shoulder.
Where can you meet an officer

Where can I find your officers?

You are lucky if you live in the city, which borders the sea coast. As a rule, in such a small port settlements is a large number of officers and get to know one of them is not difficult. But if you live where there are large concentrations of military units, take matters into your own hands. On vacation do not try to go to rest in Egypt, Turkey or some other country. Purchase tickets to the Crimea, which is famous for the sea and ports. In the evening go to a restaurant or cafe, located not far from the pier. It is quite possible that there you will find your dream, and Sunny holiday on the Russian coast are not worse than foreign heat. In addition to the South coast you can go to St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad. In these cities, too, found a lot of people in uniform.

I think your new route for evening walks even in the city so that it ran around a military camp or military educational institutions. For the bravest of the fairer sex will fit and work in such an institution, because that way you will improve your chances of a desirable acquaintance.

When you can meet an officer?

If you don't have the guts for such a long trip or searching for a new job, just try to pay attention to the celebration of military anniversaries, such as Victory day or the day of the airborne troops. Usually after the official celebrations of the officers relax in a civil setting, then you will have the opportunity to use all my feminine wiles.

Another way of exploring officers

Recently very popular online Dating. You can see the list of participants of special groups in social networks, which are often created as a complement to sites of military schools or parts.

For meeting its second half, you can use the website To explore the officer you need to specify in the search string military unit, and you will see the list of users who registered there. Further, the choice is yours. Look for the representative of the stronger sex who is staying outside of your town, as well as like you in appearance.

Most importantly, do not hesitate in getting acquainted with a man in uniform. Officers don't have much time to make acquaintance, and time off they don't happen too often. So take all your fragile female hands, and luck is on your side.
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