For subscribers of the operator "Megaphone" has created a special service that allows us to order the automatic settings of the Internet. Is this service on the official website of the company. First, the subscriber must login to the main page, select the tab called "Phone" and then click on the box "Settings for Internet, WAP and GPRS". Once all necessary actions are fulfilled, the screen will display the request form. It is necessary to fill and send.
However, subscribers of "MegaFon" to set up the Internet connections are available is another way. He is to send SMS-messages to short number 5049. The text does not forget to include the number 1, and numbers 2 or 3, if you need the WAP settings, MMS. In addition to this number, the operator provides two, they are designed for calls: 05049 and 05190.
Any client of the company "MegaFon" can also contact customer service by calling from your mobile phone to short number 0500. If you will have only a landline telephone, use the number 5025500. On all matters of interest to subscribers of this operator can at any time to consult in a phone shop or office technical support.
The clients of communication operator MTS can send SMS without text to number 1234, or call the number 0876. Both rooms are completely free of charge, the subscriber can use them at any time.
By the way, the"MTS automatic settings of the Internet is also possible through the company's website. Click on the appropriate tab, and in the appeared field, enter the number of your mobile phone.
The clients of "Beeline" can connect the Internet by using two USSD codes. The first is the number *110*181# and the second - *110*111#.