You will need
  • - the results of the ultrasound;
  • - the advice of friends.
It is believed that during pregnancy boy female blooms. Becomes cleaner and more smooth skin, the hair thicker and stronger. A large number of them appear on the legs. Stripe on the abdomen is straight, clear and very bright, she can deviate to the right of the navel. The right mammary gland is enlarged a little more the left. Areolae increase, but still bright.
Your skin becomes drier pregnant and feet cold all the time. Throughout pregnancy, a woman will be to maintain a high activity, but the coordination of movements it is not all right. Do not worry – after birth, the awkwardness will pass without a trace, but until that happens, be careful.
The main topic for discussion appearance becomes a pregnant belly – you can see it all, especially in the later stages. I think that the shape of the abdomen in pregnant boy pointed, he comes forward so that the back pregnancy is almost not noticeable. Waist remains expressed up to the birth, although not always clearly. Tummy simultaneously convex and low.
Pregnant boy woman all the time is very active, she's in a good mood, she collected, calm, and beaming with positivity. Drowsiness and irritability if you attend, it is very rare. With respect to the availability of toxicity, opinions diverge. Some say that pregnancy is a boy really bad morning sickness, others argue that they have while carrying sons did not have any discomfort. From the sex of the child the toxicity is not affected – it is a medical fact.