Advice 1: How to determine the sex of the baby

Pregnant women are often still at the early pregnancy wonder what sex will a child female or male? Moreover, many expectant mothers are so fascinated by the process of guessing the sex of their child, collecting people's signs, pointing to who is still to be born a boy or girl, and try to use at least one of the existing more or less reliable ways of determining the sex of the child.
How to determine the sex of the baby
In fact, science-based methods to determine the sex of a child before birth, are reduced to two options: ultrasonography (ultrasound) and biopsy of the chorion. Ultrasound is the most common method, unfortunately, does not give a perfect result: because in order to find out the gender, it is necessary that the pregnancy was large enough (over 23 weeks) while the fetus was located in the uterus so that you can see his sexual characteristics.
How to determine the sex of the baby
Method chorionic villus sampling is an unsafe medical procedure and involves removing the uterus with a special needle a number of cells of the placenta. Biopsy is performed for a period of from six to ten weeks on medical grounds only, as it can threaten the child's birth. So just to determine the sex of the child and satisfy his curiosity this procedure is not carried out, despite the fact that the result will be one hundred percent accurate and reliable. So often expectant mothers have no choice but to guess the sex of their child on national signs, which, by the way, there is a great variety.
How to determine the sex of the baby
For example, it is believed that if the pregnant woman's stomach protrudes up and forward, it's a boy and if the stomach is at the waist and is less visible — girl. Pay attention to the presence of toxicity — if it is strong, the probability of having a girl are high.
How to determine the sex of the baby
If a pregnant woman begins to constantly have a sweet tooth — the child is likely to be a girl, and if the meat and savoury food — boy. Of course, people signs do not pretend to exceptional authenticity. But this does not prevent them to be passed from generation to generation — because often they do coincide with reality.
How to determine the sex of the baby

Advice 2 : How to calculate what you're gonna have

Most young parents would like to influence the sex of their child. However, modern science has not yet learned to program the sex of a child. Sometimes even to determine who is still born, it is quite difficult. Certainly, many of your friends are faced with the wrong definition of the sex of the baby during the ultrasound examination. Thus, to calculate the gender of your baby is quite difficult, but some patterns still were seen. Extremely popular for instance the theory of sex determination of the baby's blood parents.
How to calculate what you're gonna have
You will need
  • In order to calculate the sex of your future child, it is desirable to know the exact date of conception and also have a piece of paper and a pen.
Divide a sheet of paper into two columns, at the beginning of each write the date of birth of the parents.
It is believed that the blood in the male body completely renews itself every 4 years. Thus, increase it by 4 years in the column of the age of your spouse, until you reach the closest date to the time of conception.
Blood in the female body circulates much faster, so it is fully updated in just 3 years. Accordingly, in the column where the specified age of the mother, the start date need to increase by only 3 years, again until it is not close to the moment of conception.
Now compare the data in both columns. If the mother's blood at the time of conception "older" than the blood of the father, then chances are you are expecting a baby girl. If Vice versa, then you need to tune in to boy.
If you or your spouse was the donor or undergone major surgery associated with loss or blood transfusion, considered the renewal periods, the blood should be from the date of these events.
Useful advice
To determine the sex of a child is possible and in ancient Chinese tables. Many women implicitly trust them. Find a description of the tables and rules you can use on any forum devoted to planning a pregnancy.
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