Vosgenderesuites method "new blood". It is believed that women's blood is updated 1 time in 3 years, while men's 1 every 4 years. Count one of the parents at the time of conception were more "young blood". For example, the father of the unborn child 28 years and mother 25. Divide 28 by 4. Turns 7. And when you divide 25 by 3 floorsudaetsya 7 and 1 in the remainder. So, the couple's baby girl.
Find out gender of the future baby's blood group mother and father. The girl likely born to parents whose blood types of the mother and father respectively, I and I, I and III, II and II, II and IV, III and I, III and III, IV and II. In other cases, it's a boy. If the RH factor of the mother and father are the same, then they are likely to have a girl.
Calculate the gender of the child according to the following formula: 49−X+1+Y+3 where X is the age of the father and Y is the month of conception. If the result Paulwas studying an even number, then wait for boy, odd – girl. Compare the mother's age and year of conception. If one purely even and the other odd, then a boy. It is believed that if the mother is much older than the father, then they have to be born a girl.
Note the appearance and health of the pregnant woman. Strong toxicosis, the feeling of oppressive heat, increased growth of hair indicates that a woman is expecting a boy. And dark halos nipples, swelling of the face, preference to sweets and fruit in food say in gender, LSU girls. The first movement of the mother of the girls feel left. Wiggling the boy in the abdomen of the expectant mother is more active. Pregnant boy prefer to sleep on your left side. The first trimester of pregnancy occurs easily in women who have born a boy.
Examine the abdomen a pregnant. If its shape is round and like a ball, the gender of the future child will be female, and a long low belly in the shape of a cucumber pointing at the boy. Pigmentation appears on the belly of the mother of the girls, and extra hair – boy.