Take your wedding ring. Hang it on a string with a length of about 20 cm Lie on your back and move the dangling ring over your belly. If it starts to move from side to side, then most likely you will have a boy.
Find out the sex of the baby method "key". Please note that pregnant woman should not know about the ongoing experiment. Take the classic key on a long stalk with a round top. Put it on the table and ask the pregnant serve it. Let's see what part she will take. If a leg, then wait for the boy.
Conduct a chemical experiment "milk". You will need fresh milk. Bring it to a boil, turn off the heat and add the same amount of urine pregnant. If the milk does not curdle, then you are pregnant with a boy. The experiment is based on the content of the hormone horioniceski gonadotropin in the urine.
Pay attention to how you react to children under the age of 3 years. If you pay more attention to girls and boys remain indifferent, then you have a boy. If you have an older child, remember that he or she said the first: "mom" or "dad"? The first "dad" says that next in this family will be a boy.
Look at yourself in the mirror. Pregnancy naturally brings certain changes in appearance, some of which I can tell you the sex of your child. The boy says strongly protruding and drooping stomach. If the right breast has increased more than the left, the hair of his head was thick and my body hair grow faster then you can prepare a blue nursery. You will have a son, if your skin has become smoother, but in General you prettier.
Rate their taste preferences. If you love sour, salty, prefer meat and dairy and eat from the bread crumb, then wait for the boy. The absence of morning sickness in the first trimester and a good appetite also say that in the stomach you have a son.
Will watch their behavior. It is better to do this outside observer, otherwise the pregnant woman will subconsciously adjust your actions as expectations. If you stand up, leaning on his right hand, and sleep on the right side, you can expect a boy. Have a calm and balanced pregnant appeared with some clumsiness, most likely, will have a son.
Take advantage of the popular counting to determine the sex of the child. For example, can be added to the age of women at the time of conception of the month, when expected to deliver, take 19. If the number is odd, the belly boy. Like counting and tables can be found online in large numbers, but their accuracy is highly questionable.
Find out the heartbeat of their child. This can be done on a special ultrasound or Doppler. If the baby's heart beats with a frequency of less than 140 beats per minute, you are pregnant with a boy.