The most common signs to determine the sex of the child

It is believed that a tummy rounded heralds the birth of girls, and protruding and pointy is a boy. The appearance of swelling in the feet is also considered a symptom of the boy's birth. It is widely believed that if a woman bears a boy, she is getting prettier during pregnancy. Increased hair growth on the legs of a pregnant woman also tells about the imminent appearance in the family of the boy, to say the same and slightly broke the nose. But the pigmentation is a sign of the future daughter.

If a woman, being in a position of eating frequently and in large portions, is a boy. Women who have a craving for fruits and sweets during pregnancy, give birth to girls, and if they want salt, meat or cheese, then the future will be born male. If a pregnant woman eats bread crumb, then the light will be a girl. Excessive craving for orange juice – so get ready for the appearance of beautiful girls.

Also the sex of the baby is possible to determine, based on the feelings of the parents. So, if a man in a pair of loves more, boy, and if on the contrary little girl. A woman's desire to hide its position indicates when the couple's daughter. Depression, irritability and bad mood during pregnancy is a sign of the emergence of the family pretty girls.

If a future Pope prefers loose underwear, we should expect a daughter, and if he prefers the taste of close fitting trunks - son. Nurturing the boy, you notice he has more heart palpitations than girls. Constantly merznuschy feet during pregnancy indicate a son. Darkened areola nipples mean pregnancy daughter, and emerged vegetation on the belly is a sign that you will have a son. The lack of or weak morning sickness often indicates the birth of a girl. Frequent headaches say that you will have a son.

Constant sleeping on your left side may indicate imminent birth of a boy. Often experience chills refers to the signs of pregnancy girl. The unchanged shape of the breast will say about the appearance of the boy.

The sex of the child on national signs in different countries

You can try to determine the sex of the baby with the help of divination. To do this, slip into a long thread ring, and hold it over the left hand pregnant. Movement of the ring in a straight line to be considered a sign of having a boy, if it will move in a circle – girl.

The Japanese define the sex of a child by simple mathematical actions. They divide the age of the father 4 and mother of 3, and then compare the resulting balances – one of them it will be great sex and having a baby.

In Germany are convinced that the conception occurred in dry weather, will lead to the birth of a boy.

In England circulated a very original way to know the sex of the baby. A pregnant woman removes the meat from the lamb shoulder and holds it over an open fire before burning. Then pierced the bone with your thumb, thread through the resulting hole and the rope tying her knot. Then hang the bone over the door and looks, who was the first to walk through the door. If the first guest is a man – a boy, and if a woman – a girl.