You will need
  • - a sheet of paper and a pen;
  • calculator.
The easiest and most reliable way to find out what sex will the unborn child is the ultrasound. In the early stages, this method is inefficient because the sexual characteristics of the fetus is not yet sufficiently visualized. But from the 12th week of pregnancy experienced specialist using the new equipment and provided a favorable location of the unborn child in the womb can find out its gender.
To find out the sex of the baby, you can use one of the tables. Most popular Chinese table, where the fairer sex has enjoyed for hundreds of years. In the first column of this table need to find the age of the expectant mother, and in the top row is the month of conception. Combining these two values, it is possible to find out the sex. But few can say with certainty in what month there was fertilization, because the menstrual cycle is regular. There are also other tables. In one fundamental factor is the blood type of the parents, in other – the RH factor. But such methods do not give an absolute guarantee of reliability of the results.
If you know the day of ovulation and date of conception, it is possible to use the data. The sex of the baby depends on the man, or rather, the first sperm reaches the egg and fertilizes it. If it is a carrier of the XX chromosome a girl and XY if, the light appears boy. Ovulation only lasts for 24 hours, and only during this period can occur fertilization. It is believed that sperm with XX chromosome is more tenacious, but slow. And the sex cells with the XY chromosome is much faster, but live shorter lives. And if the estimated date of conception coincided with the day of ovulation, theoretically, have to be born a boy. If the sexual act happened in a day or two before ovulation, you should wait for the girl.
To determine the sex of a child can be using the system updates the blood. With the fairer sex, the blood is updated every three years, in men every 4. The update is also considered a serious blood loss, e.g. trauma, or in blood donor center. If the blood was later updated for the Pope, must be born a boy and if the mother - girl. To find out, divide the age of the woman 3, age men – 4. If the balance is less than the future father expect a male child, if female – female.
Use the folk wisdom and superstitions. Examine the abdomen a pregnant. It is believed that if he pointed, and there is a boy, if circular – girl. Study the taste preferences of the expectant mother. If she prefers sweet and flour, the light will be a female child, but if salty is male. Appearance of the pregnant woman can also tell a lot. It is believed that a girl "steals" all the beauty of the mother, so in this case, the appearance of a pregnant deteriorating. When carrying a boy changes will not be observed.