Belly shape during pregnancy boy

Currently, the emergence of the procedure, ultrasound has greatly facilitated the determination of the sex of the child, but even it is unable to 100 percent to give an exact answer. But in spite of that, more people used to believe national signs, by definition, is gender.

Often judged by the shape of the abdomen of the expectant mother. The shape of the abdomen of a pregnant woman is one of the most well-known signs, which can determine the sex of a baby. For example, during pregnancy a boy the belly will be more sharp protruding forward or slightly offset to the right. Looking at a woman from the side, not immediately think that it is in position.

Signs in pregnancy boy

During pregnancy boys there are other signs. For example, say that a woman who is expecting a boy, less morning sickness early on but she has a wild appetite. Women who are expecting birth of a boy, almost not having spots, unlike those who have be a girl. It is true that boys cherish your mom and her beauty, and girls - on the contrary, take.

The appearance of the boy can be determined and the following features. Right breast of a pregnant woman can be more left and right nipple - is also more than the left. The woman has increased libido. Nipples pregnant women boy have a light-red color, and girls – dark brown. Colostrum women in this case becomes thicker and oily. As well as the male fetus begins to stir much earlier, from about the third month of pregnancy.

Signs of having a boy

There are also signs the boy's birth, in which the list includes the following: during pregnancy is pushed to the right only a boy; the heart beats more often; in the dream, pregnant women can feel like a man; urine becomes bright yellow; the stripe on the abdomen is to the right of the navel; in times of war and conflict more boys are born. Also say that if the family expected a boy, the future Pope is gaining weight as quickly as mom.

Worth remembering that it is not the sex of the child is important, and its condition at the time of birth. Only in this case the family will really celebrate.