Advice 1: What is the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy boy

Since ancient times the parents are trying to determine the sex of the baby even before its birth. Such signs that help to point out the gender of your future baby, there are many, for example, the shape of the abdomen, the nature and duration of the outbreak of toxicosis.
What is the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy boy

Belly shape during pregnancy boy

Currently, the emergence of the procedure, ultrasound has greatly facilitated the determination of the sex of the child, but even it is unable to 100 percent to give an exact answer. But in spite of that, more people used to believe national signs, by definition, is gender.

Often judged by the shape of the abdomen of the expectant mother. The shape of the abdomen of a pregnant woman is one of the most well-known signs, which can determine the sex of a baby. For example, during pregnancy a boy the belly will be more sharp protruding forward or slightly offset to the right. Looking at a woman from the side, not immediately think that it is in position.

Signs in pregnancy boy

During pregnancy boys there are other signs. For example, say that a woman who is expecting a boy, less morning sickness early on but she has a wild appetite. Women who are expecting birth of a boy, almost not having spots, unlike those who have be a girl. It is true that boys cherish your mom and her beauty, and girls - on the contrary, take.

The appearance of the boy can be determined and the following features. Right breast of a pregnant woman can be more left and right nipple - is also more than the left. The woman has increased libido. Nipples pregnant women boy have a light-red color, and girls – dark brown. Colostrum women in this case becomes thicker and oily. As well as the male fetus begins to stir much earlier, from about the third month of pregnancy.

Signs of having a boy

There are also signs the boy's birth, in which the list includes the following: during pregnancy is pushed to the right only a boy; the heart beats more often; in the dream, pregnant women can feel like a man; urine becomes bright yellow; the stripe on the abdomen is to the right of the navel; in times of war and conflict more boys are born. Also say that if the family expected a boy, the future Pope is gaining weight as quickly as mom.

Worth remembering that it is not the sex of the child is important, and its condition at the time of birth. Only in this case the family will really celebrate.

Advice 2 : Why pregnant strip appears on the abdomen

Vertical stripes of dark color under the navel appears the majority of pregnant women. Despite the fact that expectant mothers understand the inevitability of changes in their body, giving new life, they are still concerned about the cause of this "decoration".
Why pregnant strip appears on the abdomen

Where does the line under the navel

Dark vertical streak during pregnancy occurs due to hormonal changes that occur in the female body. The intensity of the colour directly related to the number of melanotropin in the body, which causes the development of hyperpigmentation in the area from the navel to the pubes. Known cases when the strip has grown up to the level of the ribs. In fact, it is available to all pregnant women, but the majority of enhanced pigmentation ligament, located in the abdomen, making it more noticeable.
The highest probability of the appearance of dark stripes in pregnancy is present in dark-skinned and dark-haired women.

Melanotropin is a hormone that stimulates the production of cells that in turn produces the pigment, thus increasing the probability of occurrence of moles and freckles. In addition, the emergence of stripes is associated with such hormones as estrogen and progesterone, so it indicates a properly functioning hormonal pregnant woman. From the beginning of pregnancy, the stripes may be light, after which it gradually begins to darken and disappears only after childbirth, although some women remain for a lifetime.

How to get rid of dark stripes or brown age spots

Some women are wondering if to prevent this, some unaesthetic in their view, the strip or get rid of her pregnancy. Gynecologists claim that the stripes themselves will disappear after the baby is born, however some prevention its bright colors still can be done. For example, pregnant women should less be under the open sun and the sun only with sunscreen. Especially in the last months of pregnancy.
To disguise dark stripes or completely get rid of it is impossible – really only to prevent her strong limb-darkening.

During higher solar activity to future mothers are recommended to stay in the shadows, and the street appear in private clothes of light fabrics. However, remember that even the maximum adherence to these recommendations will not prevent the hateful stripes. Doctors advise not to pay attention to her because her education is a natural process through which all women, without exception. To calm your nerves, you can consult your gynecologist and do not cheat yourself – because worrying about such little things can have a negative impact on the future child.

Advice 3 : How to determine the sex of the baby on the shape of the abdomen

Before the advent of modern, reliable methods for determining the sex of a child women have invented various ways to find out who they have to be born a boy or a girl.
How to determine the sex of the baby on the shape of the abdomen

Reliable method or simple divination?

From the point of view of modern doctors most of these methods are ineffective. Modern medicine has disproved a lot of folk knowledge and will, which were based on ancient observations on the development of pregnancy in different women. For example, modern doctors believe that to determine the baby's gender by the shape and size of the belly. They believe that all of these options are strictly individual in each case the type of the abdomen is determined by the physiology of the woman, the location and the size of her baby. In addition, the size and shape of the abdomen is affected by the amount of amniotic fluid, tone the abdominal muscles (which are stretched significantly with each following pregnancy, which leads to the fact that the belly falls lower). Besides, the appearance of a pregnant woman affected and kilos. However, many women claim that this method of determining the sex of the child was for them an effective.
Guessing on the shape of the abdomen from the point of view of modern medicine as effective as a coin toss.

How to find out the sex of the baby in the stomach?

It is believed that at the birth of a boy indicates a neat abdomen, strongly protruding. Your belly has a sharp shape and resembles a cucumber. While a pregnant woman generally retains the shape even and not too "spread out" in the waist. If you look at the mother from behind, can not detect signs of pregnancy, the abdomen should be visible from the front only. It is believed that "pregnant" with a boy the stomach is lower than the "pregnant" girl. Another indication of the boy is the fuzz that covers the stomach. Signs argue that sticking to the right abdominal necessarily the guy but sticking to the left — girl. It is noteworthy that the Italians believe the contrary "sharp" tummy a symptom of the birth of girls, as, indeed, and covered with fuzz.
The most accurate way to determine the sex of the child is the ultrasound.

Rounded or oblong, conceal waist abdomen from the point of view of national will necessarily indicate a girl. If the female figure during pregnancy explode, have lost the harmony of the lines and the belly is relatively high, a sure sign that in him dwells the girl. It is believed that the belly of a woman expecting a daughter, you can see even from the back, so round and massive is becoming to her figure.

Advice 4 : What are the signs that it's a girl

Bearing a child is the happiest moment of life that experience is not given to all women. There is a perception that some of the signs of pregnancy can you determine the sex of the unborn child.
What are the signs that it's a girl

Symptoms of pregnancy girl

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the appearance of a pregnant woman. External changes can appear as early as first week of pregnancy of girl. The woman bears a girl, you may see swelling of the legs, weight gain due to the increase of the buttocks and thighs.

Confirms the birth of a girl and the condition of the skin of the expectant mother. In such situation it starts to peel off, to dry, can be covered with pigment spots. The face may appear pimples. Such a well-known symptom of pregnancy, darkening of the areola, is also credited with pregnant women, who should be born a girl.

Another sign of a pregnant girl is that the left breast of the expectant mother can vary in size. Compared to the right breast it will be more. In the hair of the expectant mother, which goes with the daughter, you notice the red shade.

Also about the pregnant girl and shows the shape of the tummy of the expectant mother. Belly shape becomes more rounded. However, he weekly more spread out to the sides to the sides, which mommy begins to disappear waist.

Other signs that it's a girl

A reliable sign of pregnancy girl early on is the presence of severe toxemia. There is also a suggestion that carrying a girl much more complicated, because the health of a pregnant woman is worse, than at those who goes with the boy.

Women who should be born a girl in the pregnancy process become scattered and passive. Nature at this point becomes bad. Women waiting the appearance of the girls capable of spontaneous illogical actions and constantly capricious.

Signs of pregnancy girl include certain dietary habits of a pregnant woman. In this regard, the expectant mother, increasingly wants flour or sweet, pickled vegetables or fresh fruit. At the same time does not want to eat meat, smoked food, spicy and salty food. In the process of carrying girls appetite can be reduced significantly.

It is much easier to determine the sex of the baby when a woman gives birth again. If the pregnancy its the same as the previous one, the gender of the baby will be the same. If in the course of pregnancy there are new sensations, the floor will be the opposite.

Advice 5 : Pregnancy signs boy

Who will be born – boy or girl – this question often torments of the parents in the first months, and sometimes until the end of pregnancy. Because ultrasound can not always answer so flapping in the wind theme. But in addition ultrasound examination can help determine the sex of the child some signs and omens.
Pregnancy signs boy
Look to yourself. If you notice improvements in your appearance – a healthy color and smoothness of skin, then this may indicate that you are pregnant with a boy. The people have a belief that girls take beauty away from mother. In addition, the male fetus needs to add a cheerfulness and energy, to improve the appetite.
Note the changes in your body. Male hormones of the fetus at national signs you should add "vegetation" in the lower extremities. Some moms-to-be starting to break through the fuzz on his lips. All this should indicate that you are expecting a boy. In addition, feet will have you constantly cold, swollen nose, "potatoes", and the nipple areola will darken greatly.
When the fruit becomes very large, analyze the shape of the abdomen. Belly "cucumber", sharp, neat, protruding in front – a sure sign that you are expecting a male child. If pregnant girls belly grows in breadth, embracing the waist. And the increase is clearly visible from behind. In the form of "cucumber" from the rear of the woman's absolutely impossible to determine if she was pregnant or not.
Try to notice which foot you will melt, go on which hand rely. If all the time on the right – this may also be the case a symptom of pregnancy with boy. About it, according to Eastern sages, and the heaviness in the abdomen with the right side.
Pay attention to your taste preferences. During pregnancy boys women drawn to protein foods – meat, fish, seafood, salty and spicy. While pregnant with girl on sweet and fruit.
Morning sickness may be another factor determining the sex of the child. The people believed that when waiting for a male child morning sickness the first trimester occurs in a mild form, like the rest of the pregnancy. But the mothers of the future of girls waiting baby are difficult.
In addition to monitoring pregnancy, changes in body and health, you can use computational methods to determine the sex of the child. One of the most famous – to update blood parents. Blood men (father) is updated once in four years. And the woman (mother) – once in three years. Whose blood will be younger at the time of conception of the fetus – of the floor and the baby is born. For example, the mother of 24 years and father 30 years. 24:3=8, 30:4=7,5. So the blood of the father is younger. Accordingly, it's a boy.

Advice 6 : Signs of pregnancy girl

There are a lot of people take, which at an early period of pregnancy allows to determine the sex of the child. Of course, you can find it with the help of ultrasound is much easier, but this procedure will yield results as early as 15 weeks.
Signs of pregnancy girl
One of the signs says that the girls "pull in" the beauty from their moms, especially in the first months. Changing skin tone, swelling and puffiness of the face, the appearance of various skin lesions that appear after conception may indicate pregnancy girl. Many pregnant women claimed that the child's gender in their cases pointed out the condition of the skin. They believe that if the skin is dry, scaly, covered with untidy stains, it clearly indicates the female gender of the child.
It is believed that during gestation the girls the morning sickness is very debilitating and long-lasting. The mother constantly with nausea and feeling unwell. However, if you are expecting your first child and you have nothing to compare, this sign is for you will be useless.
Mothers expecting girls demonstrate far more pickiness in food. They often manifest a fondness for citrus fruits, sweets and ice cream. While carrying the boy's taste preferences are quite different — meat, pickles and wine. It is noticed that mothers of future heirs without pleasure eat meat, fish and bread crust, and the appetite they are much worse than mothers of boys.
Form, the abdomen may indirectly indicate the sex of the baby. It is believed that if a woman is pregnant girl in the first place she swims waist, so it is an interesting situation can be seen even from the back. According to the signs of pregnancy girl stomach is high enough, has a rounded "blunt" form, even if you get far ahead.
It is noticed that girls most of the time in the left part of the abdomen, pushing their mom to the liver. Usually the girl's heart beats much faster than the boy's heart. The pulse rate is about 140 beats per minute or even more.
It is much easier to determine the sex of the unborn child, women who give birth again, because in this case there is nothing to compare. If the pregnancy is not too different from the current experience, rather, the sex of the baby will be the same as in the previous case. If the difference is felt probably the baby's gender will be the opposite. Naturally, that pregnancy comes in different ways, depending on the sex of the fetus, because in the early stages of the female or the male fetus secrete different hormones that are released into the bloodstream of a woman and affect her health.
Recently, scientists have concluded that thin women are more likely to give birth to daughters, this is because the fruits of the female are much more resistant to various adverse conditions, which include underweight pregnant.

Advice 7 : On what grounds can understand that you are expecting a boy

A pregnant woman is very curious to find out what sex the baby in her womb. On ultrasound the gender of your baby will be noticeable not earlier than the eighteenth week, and then if successful, the location of the fetus. Some women try to turn to superstitions, omens, trying to determine the sex of the baby for some physiological signs or various calendars.
On what grounds can understand that you are expecting a boy
You will need
  • - the results of the ultrasound;
  • - the advice of friends.
It is believed that during pregnancy boy female blooms. Becomes cleaner and more smooth skin, the hair thicker and stronger. A large number of them appear on the legs. Stripe on the abdomen is straight, clear and very bright, she can deviate to the right of the navel. The right mammary gland is enlarged a little more the left. Areolae increase, but still bright.
Your skin becomes drier pregnant and feet cold all the time. Throughout pregnancy, a woman will be to maintain a high activity, but the coordination of movements it is not all right. Do not worry – after birth, the awkwardness will pass without a trace, but until that happens, be careful.
The main topic for discussion appearance becomes a pregnant belly – you can see it all, especially in the later stages. I think that the shape of the abdomen in pregnant boy pointed, he comes forward so that the back pregnancy is almost not noticeable. Waist remains expressed up to the birth, although not always clearly. Tummy simultaneously convex and low.
Pregnant boy woman all the time is very active, she's in a good mood, she collected, calm, and beaming with positivity. Drowsiness and irritability if you attend, it is very rare. With respect to the availability of toxicity, opinions diverge. Some say that pregnancy is a boy really bad morning sickness, others argue that they have while carrying sons did not have any discomfort. From the sex of the child the toxicity is not affected – it is a medical fact.
The boys are in mother's abdomen on the right side, back of the fruit turned to the right, movement of the hands and feet are felt with the other hand. More comfortable for sleeping women is therefore, the position on the right side. When standing up from the floor, the woman tries to rely on his right hand, and climbs the stairs, starting with the right foot. Ask a pregnant boy woman pulling hand – she'll do it palms down.
Useful advice
An interesting fact which confirms and medicine: nurturing a boy, pregnant women eat considerably more than those who will have a girl. The appetite of women to be beautiful, hunger torments them even in the early stages. They prefer salty and sour meat dishes. But fruits and sweets do not cause delight.
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