At an early stage, you may notice that several boys are more active than the girls and constantly moving in the womb of a mother. But with something to compare can only the woman who had given birth previously, and then, to navigate this very difficult, because everything depends on many other factors.
Woman, waiting for the girl, begins to lose its beauty. Rapidly gaining weight, and with it stretch marks, acne and other unpleasant phenomena. By the way, to lose weight in the reverse order after the birth very difficult. During pregnancy daughters is a strong hormonal failure. The abdomen is usually rounded and blurred. Also tormented by a strong toxicosis.
If it's a boy, the woman is not gaining weight in excess of, looks great and feels. Nausea completely goes away after the first trimester and no longer occurs. The stomach has a sharp and clear shape, the waist is kept.
Taste preferences also vary during pregnancy, when a boy, a woman with an appetite consume meat. But sometimes there is heartburn, when to be born son. But with the girls, on the contrary, the meat begins to feel sick and only his view is disgusting.
In young and healthy women is more often are born sons, and the older women, on the contrary, daughters. But all this is only a rough way of identifying sex of the child, even a modern equipment is sometimes wrong. It is impossible to predict in advance who will be born, but that event never ceases to bring joy.