Look to yourself. If you notice improvements in your appearance – a healthy color and smoothness of skin, then this may indicate that you are pregnant with a boy. The people have a belief that girls take beauty away from mother. In addition, the male fetus needs to add a cheerfulness and energy, to improve the appetite.
Note the changes in your body. Male hormones of the fetus at national signs you should add "vegetation" in the lower extremities. Some moms-to-be starting to break through the fuzz on his lips. All this should indicate that you are expecting a boy. In addition, feet will have you constantly cold, swollen nose, "potatoes", and the nipple areola will darken greatly.
When the fruit becomes very large, analyze the shape of the abdomen. Belly "cucumber", sharp, neat, protruding in front – a sure sign that you are expecting a male child. If pregnant girls belly grows in breadth, embracing the waist. And the increase is clearly visible from behind. In the form of "cucumber" from the rear of the woman's absolutely impossible to determine if she was pregnant or not.
Try to notice which foot you will melt, go on which hand rely. If all the time on the right – this may also be the case a symptom of pregnancy with boy. About it, according to Eastern sages, and the heaviness in the abdomen with the right side.
Pay attention to your taste preferences. During pregnancy boys women drawn to protein foods – meat, fish, seafood, salty and spicy. While pregnant with girl on sweet and fruit.
Morning sickness may be another factor determining the sex of the child. The people believed that when waiting for a male child morning sickness the first trimester occurs in a mild form, like the rest of the pregnancy. But the mothers of the future of girls waiting baby are difficult.
In addition to monitoring pregnancy, changes in body and health, you can use computational methods to determine the sex of the child. One of the most famous – to update blood parents. Blood men (father) is updated once in four years. And the woman (mother) – once in three years. Whose blood will be younger at the time of conception of the fetus – of the floor and the baby is born. For example, the mother of 24 years and father 30 years. 24:3=8, 30:4=7,5. So the blood of the father is younger. Accordingly, it's a boy.