The most accurate such method to date, with almost 100% guarantee is a biopsy of the chorion. To determine the sex of the baby may already be 7 weeks pregnant. But this method is resorted to generally only for medical reasons, in some cases, it can lead to serious complications, even abortion.
Another sure method that allows you to determine the sex of the baby is 12-14 weeks, is the definition of gender by the frequency of his heart. Many gynecologists use this method and rarely mistaken. Usually the fetal heart rate more than 140 beats per minute meets the girl. If less, then the boy.
Perhaps the most common and official method of gender determination ultrasound. In any case, it is possible not earlier than 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. The child may show original leprince. More accurate data can be obtained in the period 23-25 weeks. But the ultrasound, unfortunately, does not give you 100% guarantee.
However, there are cases when, for example, ultrasonography is not possible for medical reasons. In this situation, you can turn to traditional methods, one of which is the definition of sex by the date of conception.
A woman can only get pregnant during ovulation. Sperm can survive in the female genital organs for up to 96 hours. Because the life expectancy of the male sperm, the carriers of the Y chromosome is smaller than the media only X chromosomes (female), the probability of conceiving a boy increases sharply at ovulation. But this is not a 100% method.
A very common method of determining the sex of the baby early on in the renewal of blood. The blood of women is updated every 3 years, in men every 4 years. If a woman has a negative RH factor, on the contrary. Whose blood will be "younger", the gender and the baby will be born.
The interesting point here is the frequency of sex. If the man had a long period of abstinence up to the time of conception is likely to be a girl. This theory found its scientific explanation: more agile male sperm do not live long, so in the sperm of men who had never had sex, increased number of tenacious "female" sperm.
The people there are many formulas to determine the sex of the unborn child. One of them looks like this: 49 – X + 1 + Y + 3 where X is the age of the father and Y is the month of conception. If the answer is an even number – wait for the boy, odd – girl.
In General, ultrasound as a way to determine the sex of a child early on, is most trusted secure. Scientists continue to develop new approaches to solving this problem. Some of these areas are innovative tests to determine the sex of the child. They have not yet received wide application, and their accuracy also is not 100%.
Of course, today's methods of gender determination in early pregnancy a lot. How to use your legal right. But whatever you choose, the main thing that the baby was a welcome, healthy and always loved.