A woman carrying under her heart the son eats much more than a woman pregnant with a baby girl.
Strong toxicosis, believed to determine the sex of the baby without ultrasound, hurts women, pregnant girls. Anyway, in women carrying boys, the pregnancy is calmer and easier.
To understand who will be a boy or a girl, and in the hands of the pregnant woman. From moms-to-be girls it's usually smooth and silky. But moms of boys often complain of dryness of their hands.
The legs of the women carrying in my belly for the boy swell stronger and more frequently than women expecting a girl.
Signs of people say that to understand who will be a boy or a girl, it's easy, after watching the behavior of the expectant mother. Pregnant girls women are very Moody and often annoyed by trifles. But the women, bearing under her heart the guy, the mood during pregnancy, more often good than bad.
There is an opinion about determining the sex of the baby. If a woman at the request of others to "show their hand" palm turns up, she will have a daughter, but if down the son.
Pregnant girl woman, according to popular belief, much more gracefully. Waiting for the birth of the boy is very clumsy, and often stumbles and bumps into furniture, door jambs, various projections.
Tummy pregnant girls women in its form resembles a melon, he seemed to be slipping in Boca. And belly of women, the bearing of the boys round and neat, is shaped like a football.
Boy or girl hiding in the belly of a pregnant woman can understand her tastes. If the mother during pregnancy pulls on sour, salty and cold, it's a boy. And if the sweet girl.
Popular signs of determining the sex of the child say about the fact that her daughter was developing in the woman's stomach, takes her mother's beauty. Ie the girl bears the woman looks worse than before pregnancy. Future moms of boys, on the contrary, with each day getting better just.
If the back of a woman is noticeable that she is, so she's pregnant girl. Accordingly, from the back of a pregnant boy women hard to notice her interesting position.