You will need
  • vibrator 1;
  • lubricating jelly 2;
  • - scented candles 3;
Create a comfortable environment. Ideally you should feel in absolute safety, so Masturbation it is advisable to do where you won't be disturbed. Unplug the phone that late call did not violate the right attitude. Take a bath with bath salts and foam baths. While bathing, you can direct the soul on the Breasts and genitals. Be careful with the pressure ― over-stimulation can not only damage the delicate mucosa, but also reduce the sensitivity that will prevent a complete discharge.
Relax. Light the candles. To create the right atmosphere will help oil burner, in which you can drop a drop of essential oil with a favorite scent. To relieve tension and to relax will help a glass of light wine. If necessary, view or read a light erotica, which will help you to be excited ― it will make the feeling more vivid. Turn on the imagination: imagine those erotic scenes that excite you most. Don't limit yourself ― the brighter and bolder your imagination, the stronger the orgasm. Help yourself, using the Association. May remember the exciting time you will help some smells, sounds, tastes or sensations.
Make a sex toys like vibrator or faloimitator. Take care of additional lubrication - lubricantE. Remember that Masturbation using sex toys preferred water-based lubricant. If you prefer anal stimulation, take care of the condoms. Using them, you will prevent the ingress of pathogenic organisms from the intestine into the vagina.
Excite yourself. It is best to start with easy self-massage sensitive areas: gentle touch to the neck, then Pat the breast, paying special attention to the areola and the nipple itself. Use grease – it will make a touch more exciting. Gradually descend to the abdomen and inner thigh. Don't be afraid of new experiences. Try to caress itself, not just hand and a piece of soft cloth or fur. You can try fondling with ice cubes – some erotic games with temperature gradients very strong plant.
Skip directly to Masturbation. Apply on the genitals, abundant lubrication and gently touch the lips of the vagina and clitoris. Experiment with the intensity and direction of movements, use different modes of the vibrator. He felt a strong stimulation type vibrator or faloimitator in the vagina and start the stimulation, while continuing to caress the clitoris.