No need to prove to the young man-a teenager or young girl, that Masturbation will not solve those problems, getting rid of which are assigned to it. Every person subject to this harmful and destructive action, wants it to stop, but not everyone is successful at it.

How to deal with Masturbation

Masturbation, or Masturbation is quite deliberate irritation of erogenous zones with the goal of achieving orgasm. But pleasure is, perhaps, the past that haunts a man at the time of the lessons Masturbation. The absolute majority involved in Masturbation are lonely people, deprived of their happiness to have their "other half". In like manner, namely engaging in Masturbation, they are just trying to get away from the stress, imposed by the thought of her loneliness. Paradoxically, Masturbation is not a consequence of loneliness. All the contrary, Masturbation interferes with the youngster (which is often) or girl (which is rare) begin to build a relationship with a real, not an imaginary partner.

At the time of ejaculation along with seminal fluid in the body of a young man leaving a huge amount of vitality, the loss of which literally prevents the young man to gain the same aura of masculinity, which should attract the attention of the opposite sex. The young man becomes lazy, starts to noticeably stupid expires and healthy male aggression. All this leads to low self esteem, which also does not contribute to the attention from the girls. Noticing the lack of attention to the female, he withdraws into himself, often "relieving stress with the aid of Masturbation. This creates a vicious cycle, and interrupt it can only be man himself. Otherwise, no way.

The real action of the fight against Masturbation

Most acts of Masturbation takes place at night when no one will be able to "prevent" this action, most often paired with watching porn. Hence the rule: to respect the day, i.e. early to bed and early to rise. Rise no later than 07:00 in the morning just will not leave forces to wait for the time when everyone's asleep. Earlier revival must be combined with sport activities. The correct way is to immediately go to the gym, because strangers are seen brilliant results in physical development encourage self-development. There will be a new hobby, a goal that will take thought, time and effort. Change the mode of the day, the basis of which early awakening and exercise, above all else. After all the years of lessons Masturbation, people have simply forgotten how to live a full social life when all strength left for Masturbation.

No one can help if he decided to help himself. Before you change the mode of day is best to take a notebook or create a file in Word, where it is necessary to describe in detail what's taking Masturbation out of your life and what you get freed from this addiction. But, no matter how strong the illusion of getting pleasure from Masturbation, it's a lie to yourself. Masturbation does not give absolutely nothing, it only steals.

First positive results of the release from Masturbation will manifest itself in a few days. Self-esteem, always in a good mood for the first time will be just surprise, the young man becomes bolder, and the girl feminine. After about a week you can count on the interested views of the opposite sex. Need to consolidate the success of using a constant self-analysis, the results of which better record.