Bad girl:
always flirting (in traffic, in store, in a queue on reception to the doctor, etc.);
- knows how to do a Blowjob;
- everywhere and always ready to unstoppable sex;
- open for sexy experiments;
- is not silent in bed and spit on the neighbors;
- knows the words "awkward";
- not shy to be naked;
- can take initiative when the partner doesn't want sex;
- knows exactly what he wants, never shy to say it directly;
- no healthy man would not venture to call bad girl "bad".

So, find out more, how do you become a bad girl in bed.

Tip 1. Do not be afraid of experiments. Settle for something new, offer themselves. Show imagination and ingenuity!

Tip 2. Harass your man. And preferably often! Often touch, caress, give fleeting kisses, he needs to feel the warmth of the body next to him.

Tip 3. Be in bed with Frank. Do not hide desires. Feel free to fondle yourself in his mind - it's so exciting for both partners! Do not imitate orgasm. Not having an orgasm? Have sex again and again, until the case is brought to its logical conclusion!

Tip 4. Take the initiative. Be a mistress of the situation. Will podrasnica him, drive him to exhaustion.

Tip 5. Show aggression. After all, bad girls all you can! Piarates bite, leave it on the label, call a bad boy. Only still, to bend the stick is not worth it.

Every girl can evoke the "bad girl" to an intimate relationship will sparkle with new colors!