Physical activity helps to relieve sexual tension. It is well known that before the big competition, male athletes are strictly forbidden to have sex. Male after the sexual contact is for some time in a relaxed state, the concentration decreases and vanishes mental attitude to fight. Therefore, physical activity help get rid of the habit to masturbate. Visit the gym, do some repairs in the apartment or just go with the flow.
Never sitting idle. Your hands should always be busy with something. No matter what: playing the guitar, knitting or crossword puzzles. The main thing that you were not bored and the head was constantly occupied by thoughts. Should gradually reduce daily sessions of Masturbation. Initially, at least once a day, and then try to completely abandon this pernicious, and, most importantly, completely useless class. Do not forget to constantly encourage and praise yourself for each day you spent without Masturbation.
Try as much as possible to communicate with people. The more time you spend in the company of friends, the less will be the time for Masturbation. Try to find a mate if you already have a girlfriend, you meet her as often as possible. Not necessarily your meetings should end with proximity just try to be as less free time to spend alone. If you have a close friend that you trust, you can try to talk with him on this exciting theme. Tell him about this problem. Often, the two of us to cope with difficulties much easier.
Simply vital to get rid of all kinds of temptations. You need to remove from your computer all pornographic movies, pictures and videos. Of course, it is not recommended to visit porn sites. No need to focus on thoughts that can cause stimulation to drive away sexual fantasies.
In the USA the problem of sexual addiction is for anybody not a secret. This topic is discussed at various levels and has long been numbered among the medical concerns. Patients who suffer from too frequent Masturbation, are members of special group "sex addicts anonymous", where they together try to overcome the addiction. In Russia there are also doctors who can help to cope with this problem sexologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.
It is worth remembering that Masturbation belongs to the category of bad habits that can badly ruin your life and only forever getting rid of him, you can feel completely free.