Masturbation is a totally safe way to sexual satisfaction, especially if the partner has a moderate sexual appetite. In pregnancy masturbate, you can, if the doctor has forbidden sex because of the risk of miscarriage, premature birth or hypertonicity. In these cases, having a partner doesn't matter, matters the orgasm, but rather oxytocin, which is released at the moment of orgasm and may cause hypertonicity of the uterus.

Masturbation and pregnancy

Most women at least once in life was masturbating and getting sexual satisfaction. Pregnancy is not a reason to abandon the intimate pleasures. Moreover, husband's work schedule may become more intense and the father often on business trips. There are some limitations for the period of pregnancy, knowing that Masturbation is safe and even beneficial: increases blood flow to the uterus, the baby receives higher doses of oxygen and beneficial hormones.

It is better to masturbate lying on his right side and not to resort to clitoral stimulation, paying attention to erogenous zones in the genital area of the lips. During pregnancy, their sensitivity increases a woman can experience orgasm even with a slight stimulation, a clitoral orgasm is more intense and can actually cause hypertonicity. Should abandon adult toy, particularly from large and electric - they can cause a too bright orgasm and cause hypertonicity. Large items easily damage the mucosa, which can lead to infection. After an orgasm you should breathe deeply and slowly to overcome short-term muscle tone.

When Masturbation is preferable to sex

Often, pregnant women acute candidal vaginitis, is a yeast infection. It is difficult to treat and sexual acts with penetration can trigger a relapse. In this case, Masturbation or petting can be a great way to meet each other. In the last trimester of pregnancy the baby's head pushing on the cervix, and difficulty with bowel movements can make sexual intercourse impossible. The woman is in pain, stimulation of the external genitalia is the only way to have fun. Big belly and serious weight gain make sex awkward and messy, causing more trouble than pleasure. Masturbation, including mutual, will be a worthy alternative to the classic sex.

If one of the partners found disease, sexually transmitted, the only possible way to obtain mutual pleasure is Masturbation.

When not masturbating

Should be limited to hugs and kisses at the beginning of pregnancy in case of threatened miscarriage. In the first trimester it is best to avoid any form of sexual activity in the days of expected menstruation - these days are considered the most dangerous and high risk of miscarriage. In the second and third trimesters in the absence of contraindications Masturbation is allowed until birth.