What is Masturbation and is it necessary to deal with it?

The term "Masturbation" refers to artificial irritation of the genitals for the purpose of obtaining sexual release. Its origins, this phenomenon has since ancient times, when the biblical character Onan, not wanting to fully copulate with the wife of his deceased brother, spewed seed on the ground. In vain the effusion of semen, which men seek chiropractic way is a mere imitation of sexual intercourse with the inability to impregnate a woman.

During adolescence the practice of Masturbation can be seen as a desire of the boy to know your body. Some boys see in this lesson, a kind of sedative.
Female Masturbation is usually called Masturbation. According to some studies, it involved about 20% of women over the age of 14.

The poor personal hygiene might also trigger the Masturbation. Accumulated under the foreskin remnants of urine and smegma – discharge from the penis, cause itching of the genitals and the desire to scratch them. Attempts to calm the irritated places can be the end for the boy of involuntary ejaculation.

If the action is performed consciously, the teenager tries to privacy in the bathroom or locked in his room, hiding under a blanket. The parents prevented the child at the most inopportune moment, you begin to shame him. The embarrassed boy does not find a justification for their actions and withdraws into himself.

How harmful Masturbation?

Repeated practice of Masturbation in one day can cause long stagnation of venous blood in the pelvis. The danger of this deviation is the possible development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles.
Acts of Masturbation not being a regular need, threats to mental health in General do not carry.

Comparing Masturbation with normal sex, it is worth noting that total relaxation in the first case does not occur, and in tension male body remains for a long time. The harm of Masturbation, or Masturbation Masturbation is also reflected in the fact that the frequent acts they can cause sexual weakness. This is due to the reflex, "ejaculation – a complete erection".

In psycho-emotional terms, Masturbation may turn into a habit, becoming an artificial substitute for a real relationship with the opposite sex. Very often, the fascination with the forbidden activity encompasses the weak-willed, insecure and unsatisfied social side of his life.

To masturbate or not?

To wank or not, each person should decide depending on the situation. If the partner is ill or it's her period, it is better to spill the male seed in the bathroom than on the side in a questionable environment. The main thing – not to get involved and remember that no orgasm from Masturbation, no matter how bright it may seem, will not replace a full-fledged sexual intercourse with your partner.