Advice 1: Is it harmful to masturbate

Timely sex education for adolescents explaining the peculiarities of the physiology of the human body, conversation about the standards of hygiene and the rules of communication with the opposite sex are about preventing Masturbation.
How to get rid of the habit of self-gratification?

What is Masturbation and is it necessary to deal with it?

The term "Masturbation" refers to artificial irritation of the genitals for the purpose of obtaining sexual release. Its origins, this phenomenon has since ancient times, when the biblical character Onan, not wanting to fully copulate with the wife of his deceased brother, spewed seed on the ground. In vain the effusion of semen, which men seek chiropractic way is a mere imitation of sexual intercourse with the inability to impregnate a woman.

During adolescence the practice of Masturbation can be seen as a desire of the boy to know your body. Some boys see in this lesson, a kind of sedative.
Female Masturbation is usually called Masturbation. According to some studies, it involved about 20% of women over the age of 14.

The poor personal hygiene might also trigger the Masturbation. Accumulated under the foreskin remnants of urine and smegma – discharge from the penis, cause itching of the genitals and the desire to scratch them. Attempts to calm the irritated places can be the end for the boy of involuntary ejaculation.

If the action is performed consciously, the teenager tries to privacy in the bathroom or locked in his room, hiding under a blanket. The parents prevented the child at the most inopportune moment, you begin to shame him. The embarrassed boy does not find a justification for their actions and withdraws into himself.

How harmful Masturbation?

Repeated practice of Masturbation in one day can cause long stagnation of venous blood in the pelvis. The danger of this deviation is the possible development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles.
Acts of Masturbation not being a regular need, threats to mental health in General do not carry.

Comparing Masturbation with normal sex, it is worth noting that total relaxation in the first case does not occur, and in tension male body remains for a long time. The harm of Masturbation, or Masturbation Masturbation is also reflected in the fact that the frequent acts they can cause sexual weakness. This is due to the reflex, "ejaculation – a complete erection".

In psycho-emotional terms, Masturbation may turn into a habit, becoming an artificial substitute for a real relationship with the opposite sex. Very often, the fascination with the forbidden activity encompasses the weak-willed, insecure and unsatisfied social side of his life.

To masturbate or not?

To wank or not, each person should decide depending on the situation. If the partner is ill or it's her period, it is better to spill the male seed in the bathroom than on the side in a questionable environment. The main thing – not to get involved and remember that no orgasm from Masturbation, no matter how bright it may seem, will not replace a full-fledged sexual intercourse with your partner.

Advice 2: How to stop Masturbation

Masturbation is harmful for health. This bad habit should be fought at all costs, but unfortunately, it's hard. Masturbation can cause the development of impotence, it weakens the immune system, causes sexual addiction takes a creative force and reduces the ability to love and be loved.
How to stop Masturbation
Physical activity helps to relieve sexual tension. It is well known that before the big competition, male athletes are strictly forbidden to have sex. Male after the sexual contact is for some time in a relaxed state, the concentration decreases and vanishes mental attitude to fight. Therefore, physical activity help get rid of the habit to masturbate. Visit the gym, do some repairs in the apartment or just go with the flow.
Never sitting idle. Your hands should always be busy with something. No matter what: playing the guitar, knitting or crossword puzzles. The main thing that you were not bored and the head was constantly occupied by thoughts. Should gradually reduce daily sessions of Masturbation. Initially, at least once a day, and then try to completely abandon this pernicious, and, most importantly, completely useless class. Do not forget to constantly encourage and praise yourself for each day you spent without Masturbation.
Try as much as possible to communicate with people. The more time you spend in the company of friends, the less will be the time for Masturbation. Try to find a mate if you already have a girlfriend, you meet her as often as possible. Not necessarily your meetings should end with proximity just try to be as less free time to spend alone. If you have a close friend that you trust, you can try to talk with him on this exciting theme. Tell him about this problem. Often, the two of us to cope with difficulties much easier.
Simply vital to get rid of all kinds of temptations. You need to remove from your computer all pornographic movies, pictures and videos. Of course, it is not recommended to visit porn sites. No need to focus on thoughts that can cause stimulation to drive away sexual fantasies.
In the USA the problem of sexual addiction is for anybody not a secret. This topic is discussed at various levels and has long been numbered among the medical concerns. Patients who suffer from too frequent Masturbation, are members of special group "sex addicts anonymous", where they together try to overcome the addiction. In Russia there are also doctors who can help to cope with this problem sexologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.
It is worth remembering that Masturbation belongs to the category of bad habits that can badly ruin your life and only forever getting rid of him, you can feel completely free.
Masturbation often becomes a hindrance in relationships, in family life. The consequences of this bad habit can be damaging to personal well-being.

Advice 3: The impact of Masturbation on sexuality and the psyche

According to the Biblical account, in the days of old there lived one man. And his name was Onan. Because of the circumstances he had to marry his brother's wife. But I didn't want he to suffer it because after intercourse "poured the seed on the ground." Since it was from him, although erroneously, the term "Masturbation".
The impact of Masturbation on sexuality and the psyche
The question of benefit or harm of Masturbation has involved the father of medicine – Hippocrates. He believed that it is definitely harmful. Can lead to various forms of insanity and bodily disease. The idea have not changed much. About Masturbation continue to discuss until now, and a unified view has not yet been developed, although there have been some common ground proponents of the two positions.

The opinion of those who in the camp of "For!"

If conditionally to divide the defenders and opponents of Masturbation in the first camp will be supporters. They claim that neurosis, mental and physical illness, a work of fiction homegrown luminaries from science, just to scare the younger generation.
In the mythology of Masturbation for the entire historical period got a lot, from epilepsy to sexually transmitted diseases.

Among the dispelling of myths about the effects of Masturbation on human: nervous disorders, blindness, hair on the hands (palms), a tendency to early impotence, difficulties in sexual life, family problems, inability to create a viable unit of society and to procreate healthy offspring.

The defenders of Masturbation I think that this is all fiction, and moderate Masturbation is only good because it supports the body in tone, allows him to relax, relieves stress, regulates the blood sugar level, improves metabolism, and replaces the sexual act, if the latter is not possible due to various reasons.

Camp "Against!"

Opponents of Masturbation mostly not professionals, and people read too many bad or just plain old literature on the issue. If we consider the ideas that circulated around Masturbation at the beginning of the last century, many psychologists and psychiatrists believed that from this scourge needs to be treated even with electric shocks. And the usual night male erections should suppress a special metal or leather devices which are used to Wake the host when he was "undesirable" moments.

Today, all physiologists agree that the night erection is normal and even indicator of the health of men.

That's not stopping opponents of Masturbation, stating that this problem needs solving. Children and Teens convicted of it, you need to fully wean and punished for "Masturbation". As well as to protect them from anything that can stimulate libido.

If you do not go to extremes

Perhaps this is rational, if not extreme, that flow into both sides. As the Roman proverb says "New quid nimis!" (Nothing too!).
In any case, including Masturbation, it is best to stick to the Golden mean with its moderation and reasonable approach.

If we take the average assessment of the phenomenon, and the opinion of most physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, moderate Masturbation, hygiene, without pronounced emphasis on the self-satisfaction (this is when the idea becomes obsessive) is not hazardous to health. Dangerous to mislead young people, to influence immature minds negatively, even to punish them for it. What punishment can cause sexual problems in the future. Therefore, moderation and the only moderation will keep you in good health and peace of mind.

Advice 4: How to deal with Masturbation

Masturbation is a devastating the soul of action, has no place in the life of modern and successful person. To combat Masturbation is not just possible, but fairly easy.
How to deal with Masturbation
No need to prove to the young man-a teenager or young girl, that Masturbation will not solve those problems, getting rid of which are assigned to it. Every person subject to this harmful and destructive action, wants it to stop, but not everyone is successful at it.

How to deal with Masturbation

Masturbation, or Masturbation is quite deliberate irritation of erogenous zones with the goal of achieving orgasm. But pleasure is, perhaps, the past that haunts a man at the time of the lessons Masturbation. The absolute majority involved in Masturbation are lonely people, deprived of their happiness to have their "other half". In like manner, namely engaging in Masturbation, they are just trying to get away from the stress, imposed by the thought of her loneliness. Paradoxically, Masturbation is not a consequence of loneliness. All the contrary, Masturbation interferes with the youngster (which is often) or girl (which is rare) begin to build a relationship with a real, not an imaginary partner.

At the time of ejaculation along with seminal fluid in the body of a young man leaving a huge amount of vitality, the loss of which literally prevents the young man to gain the same aura of masculinity, which should attract the attention of the opposite sex. The young man becomes lazy, starts to noticeably stupid expires and healthy male aggression. All this leads to low self esteem, which also does not contribute to the attention from the girls. Noticing the lack of attention to the female, he withdraws into himself, often "relieving stress with the aid of Masturbation. This creates a vicious cycle, and interrupt it can only be man himself. Otherwise, no way.

The real action of the fight against Masturbation

Most acts of Masturbation takes place at night when no one will be able to "prevent" this action, most often paired with watching porn. Hence the rule: to respect the day, i.e. early to bed and early to rise. Rise no later than 07:00 in the morning just will not leave forces to wait for the time when everyone's asleep. Earlier revival must be combined with sport activities. The correct way is to immediately go to the gym, because strangers are seen brilliant results in physical development encourage self-development. There will be a new hobby, a goal that will take thought, time and effort. Change the mode of the day, the basis of which early awakening and exercise, above all else. After all the years of lessons Masturbation, people have simply forgotten how to live a full social life when all strength left for Masturbation.

No one can help if he decided to help himself. Before you change the mode of day is best to take a notebook or create a file in Word, where it is necessary to describe in detail what's taking Masturbation out of your life and what you get freed from this addiction. But, no matter how strong the illusion of getting pleasure from Masturbation, it's a lie to yourself. Masturbation does not give absolutely nothing, it only steals.

First positive results of the release from Masturbation will manifest itself in a few days. Self-esteem, always in a good mood for the first time will be just surprise, the young man becomes bolder, and the girl feminine. After about a week you can count on the interested views of the opposite sex. Need to consolidate the success of using a constant self-analysis, the results of which better record.
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