The effect of sexual abstinence on the human body

At the age of 20 to 45 years of special harm to the temperance cause, because very often there is the freeze drying of sexual energy in a different direction: sport, art, work or any other activity.

In men, after long abstinence on physiological level there is inhibition of sexual desire. Thus, the longer is no sexual activity in men, the less sexual desire occurs.

Women abstinence leads to more psychological problems as sexual pleasure and the orgasm they need for a stable psychological state. In their absence the majority of the ladies appear irritability, temper, until the fundamental changes of character. It is very common for women sex is a stage of intimacy, trust, without it, the world is perceived through the prism of the principles is critical in everything, the tendency to blame, which is often transferred to the sphere of interpersonal relations in General (professional sphere is not an exception).

In the absence of a permanent partner, you can resort to Masturbation, which helps to relieve sexual tension.

The resumption of sexual life

Abstinence in women, there is first a sharp jump in increasing the desire, but then a sharp decline, which may lead to an absolute reluctance. In this case, after the resumption of sexual life, women may appear uncomfortable feelings, until the pain in the vagina due to decreased production of a special lubricant. The discharge process becomes much longer, some women begin to experience orgasm only after a few months.

In order to recover and resume his body after abstinence, it is necessary to extend pre-sexual fondling at least 30 minutes, often practice oral sex and use of lubricants, while the vagina will not produce enough lubrication.

Despite the fact that sex is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and gynecological diseases, do not need to make him charge. You need to remember that when prisuzhdena sex can also appear if non-physiological, psychological problems like you, and your sexual partner.