According to the German sexologists V. Friedrich and K. Starke, Masturbation 70-90 % of men and 30-60% of women worldwide. The boys start to masturbate on average at the age of 14, and girls at 16, with age men do masturbate less often, and women more often as a result of divorce men quickly create a new family, and her husband awakened female sexuality has long finds out.

The benefits of Masturbation

Modern science considers Masturbation as a perfectly healthy, normal physiological process. Scientists believe that Masturbation is safe, harmless, improves overall health and mood and does not cause side effects.

When Masturbation increases metabolism in the pelvic area, the body maintains reserves of zinc, necessary for normal functioning of the brain. During Masturbation the body releases a number of hormones of happiness – endorphins, which help easier to endure physical pain and deal with stress.

Australian scientists have shown that regular ejaculation reduce risk of prostate cancer. Specialists of the Center for the study of cancer from Melbourne surveyed more than 2000 men about their sexual habits. It turned out that in men, regular Masturbation the chances of Contracting prostate cancer was three times lower than those who led irregular sexual life and not masturbated.

For women, Masturbation is a good way to know your body and one of the most reliable ways to awaken it. Masturbation helps women to understand the kind of pleasure they can get from your body and also try some kind of sexual contact, which so far they have not tried to understand, whether they like it or not.

Women who regularly masturbate, are experiencing during sex more vivid and strong sensations. Prolonged sexual abstinence Masturbation relieves stress, removes the fear, and even relieves painful sensations during menstruation.

How dangerous Masturbation

On the territory of the former USSR, as you know, "there was no sex, so Masturbation has long been considered dangerous antisocial phenomenon. Valiant USSR Ministry of health issued a popular booklet about the dangers of Masturbation, rooting in the minds of citizens a negative attitude towards this physiological process. Modern Russian and foreign scholars consider Masturbation as a deviation only when the desire to masturbate occurs too often and prevents the person in everyday life, and if the person Masturbates in public.

Experts note that too frequent and intense male Masturbation can cause irritation of the penis, and the habit of masturbating prone can cause serious damage to the urethra men. In very rare cases Masturbation can cause rupture of the tissues of the penis. Most often this happens if the penis abruptly falls down or bumps into a solid object. In such a situation should immediately consult the doctor.

If a man indulges himself too often, then he may suffer from delayed or lack of ejaculation during sex. Any man who suffers sexual dysfunction, should think about, not too often he Masturbates.

Women masturbating using lubricant instead of saliva, run the risk of catching a yeast infection because saliva can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the vagina. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to use for this purpose special grease.