Sometimes only Masturbation helps a woman in the knowledge of his own body, studying it, as a consequence she gets an orgasm. A smart woman learns which of touching your own body for her more enjoyable, and transfers these feelings in a sexual relationship with a man.

Important in the process of Masturbation – the right attitude. First of all, the woman must relax, take a comfortable position, perhaps to include unobtrusive music. Thoughts on enjoyable, exciting, exciting will help a woman in self-satisfaction.

When it comes to the state of complete relaxation, begin to caress herself. Many are mistaken, believing crotch the only erogenous zone of the female body. Actually, a lot of them. For a more comfortable study of his own body put your hands on oil massage. Start stroking from the shoulders, arms, then down below.

Connect imagination – it will provoke even more excitement. Remember your feelings while touching different parts of the body.

When it comes to genitals, remember that most women's most erogenous zone is the clitoris. However, this does not apply to all. In any case, he should pay special attention. Caress your clitoris by moving in a circle. Remember, your touch should remain gentle and careful. While one hand is in the genital area and allow the other to fondle your Breasts. By the way, nipples are also one of the female erogenous zones. And women enjoy not only a gentle touch to them, but also quite rude, as you can try, for example, to compress the nipple.

Most women are sensitive to touch in the abdominal area, particularly around the navel, because caress yourself there, slowly down to the crotch.

Well, if during Masturbation, the woman explores the g-spot to determine Precisely its location can not all men. This is a small seal located on the inner wall of the vagina to a depth of 5 cm To stimulate the G-spot is necessary to introduce the finger into the vagina to feel the rough bump and make circular movements.

At this moment the woman can feel as her orgasm begins, her fingertips. If you feel that the decisive moment is near, do not stop, continue to stimulate his body. It is important at this moment not restrain himself – surrender to emotions and feelings.