That should raise suspicion in the first place

Be careful and watch the behavior of the husband during the day. If he occasionally retreated to a room, locks the door behind him and asks him not to disturb him under pretence of important work or other urgent matters, this might suggest the idea that he's doing it in order to masturbate. Especially at this may indicate the fact that the man retreats behind a computer or takes a cell phone with Internet access.
Privacy men does not necessarily mean that he engaged in Masturbation. Perhaps he really have urgent business, or he just wants to be left alone.

If you have the opportunity to use the husband's computer, check for any videos or photos of erotic content. Also indicate that a man is a lover of self-satisfaction, untreated history of websites visited in the Internet browser, if among them there are resources for adults.

Pay attention to the home video collection. Perhaps among DVD movies or video tapes are recording for adults. Review the stack of home magazines and Newspapers to see, not hidden among them publications with erotic content. In favor of the fact that the husband engaged in Masturbation, can indicate that on the TV there are channels for adults, which the man had hooked up behind your back.

Masturbation as a habit men

Look how the man behaves in bed, how often he performs his conjugal duty. Maybe sex in your family is a rare phenomenon, but the husband is quite happy and cheerful. Rather, he prefers the classic sex-gratification or just too lazy to waste energy on the bed.
Try not to limit man sex. Otherwise, he'll just have to masturbate for sexual release.

About the propensity of men to Masturbation can speak and accidentally left "evidence", for example, used tissue (or unpacked the bundle) in my Desk drawer, odd stains on the towel, furniture, etc. Some men prefer long to be alone in the bathroom or the toilet, locking the door. Try to listen – not hear whether there strange noises.

You should not assume that Masturbation is cheating his own wife. Perhaps it is just youthful habit, from which man gradually disappeared. However, some representatives of the stronger sex regularly perform his conjugal duty, despite the fact that masturbating. It's kind of a way of achieving additional sexual discharge.