Often the women themselves reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation. The main method of Masturbation is to stimulate this body part with your finger. To complete this step, you must gently hold the fingers of the left hand labia, gently pulling them in the direction of the navel to the clitoris became ajar. The other hand can be done with it, without removing the fingers from the labia. Over time, you will definitely reach orgasm.
Another way of Masturbation, which is often used by women for self-gratification is not the stimulation of the clitoris and in the vagina of subjects phallic shape. Girl with a vibrant imagination, can use various means at hand or buy in specialty stores dildos. Another popular way of Masturbation, which is used by women is the vagina index finger and middle.
Institute of masters and Johnson conducted a special survey among women whose age ranged from 18 to 35 years. Give the number of respondents amounted to 265 people. As a result of this survey, it was found that most women prefer to masturbate lying on your back, and only a small percentage is doing it sitting or standing. 5.5% of women prefer clitoral stimulation while laying on stomach and putting his hand between her legs. Some of them said that reach orgasm by friction of the genitals of upholstered furniture seat backs and other items. Approximately 3% of women during Masturbation prefer with a force to compress the thigh to achieve a more bright sensations. Well as the extraordinary enjoyment in water, stimulating the clitoris.
According to the same survey, it was revealed, what methods of Masturbation used by women aged 18 to 35 years. 48% use a method of manual stimulation of the clitoral area or vulva 26% stimulate this part of the body, using a vibrator, 10% of the ladies love to enter into the vagina of the various materials at hand, 6% prefer the friction of any object, 4% of women reach orgasm with intense constriction of the hips, 4% of respondents enjoy hydromassage, 2% of females use some other methods. With regard to the stimulation of the breast, none of the interviewed women did not mention the fact that you can achieve orgasm with this method.