You will need
  • - intimate toys;
  • - sexual lubricant;
  • shower.
One of the most affordable ways of Masturbation - using my own fingers. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and begin to caress herself. If you feel dryness, you can use a sexual lubricant or natural oil no smell. Slow circular motions swipe the clitoral area, listen to your own feelings. When the excitement will begin to grow, getting faster and faster as you want it. Movement can be anything from hard friction to active massage.
Try masturbating in the shower. If possible, purchase a special nozzle that disperses the water in different modes. Adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water on their own. More elastic and hard jets you can aim at the chest, stomach and inner thighs. Spread your legs and direct a soft stream to the genitals, gradually increasing the pressure. Play with a small temperature contrast: so you will have more blood flow to the intimate area and get a more vivid sense.
Check out the range of shops intimate goods and choose a few toys. The best option is a vibrator. Give preference to multifunction models with different modes of operation. For its introduction into the vagina you will also need a lubricant, however, if you are quite excited thinking about the upcoming fun, you can do without it. With a vibrator you are able to open new feeling to understand that you like more. If you have never reached a vaginal orgasm, intimate toys could be the first step on the way to it. Insert the vibrator at different angles, change the speed and direction of rotation. In the vagina a lot of sensitive points, and it is possible you did not even know about them. In addition, you can try and more interesting models of vibrators, such as those which simultaneously stimulate the clitoris, vagina and anus. Do not be afraid of these devices: most likely, you will get an unforgettable pleasure and an interesting experience, that no one knows
Try masturbating with your partner. Most men are very exciting this process. If you're both sufficiently relaxed, you can also use intimate toys. On the other hand, if you are not fully satisfied with your man, it would be useful to see how you are doing it yourself.