According to ancient tradition, the newlyweds on the wedding, decided to give the icon of the particular wedding couple, namely the images of the virgin and of Jesus Christ. Data faces are not just a gift, they are the helpers and protectors of the newlyweds throughout their life.

In most families these icons are passed from generation to generation and is a family heirloom. Today, Church supply stores offer a large enough selection of different icons that are suitable as wedding gift. It is worth noting that have a special attraction icons, embroidered beads directly.

In Russia for the past several years there has been a holiday called: the Day of family, love and fidelity celebrated on July 8. This is due to the fact that this date is the day of memory and reverence of saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom. The fact that during the life of this couple was considered a true example of an Orthodox marriage, piety, and faithfulness.

The bride and groom recite prayers before the icons below to purchase a family happiness, to beget children, to live in love and harmony. Thus, it would be appropriate to present to the bride and groom with the icon of saints Peter and Fevronia as a gift, because it protects young couples.

Also there is a icon, giver of prosperity in family life and helping in the upbringing of children – Fedorovskaya icon, considered the faithful assistant of the feminine, of motherhood. In addition, newlyweds can give a special icon of the Holy Trinity with the desire of the grace of God and blessings for a happy marriage.

For a large and strong family, healthy children to the wedding party can present the icon image of the Holy forefathers, which is a progenitor of a large family, honest and respectable life. Presenting this young icon, we need to wish them joy in their life together, their marriage was long.

Today in Church shops you can buy icons, embroidered with colored beads, which is a fairly popular form of folk art. As a rule, Russian icons of the beads have a very colorful and rich. In addition, luxury jewellery frames, made of pearl and rhinestone that adorn the icons, making them unique works of art of iconography. It must be remembered that the person giving the icon is attached thereby to the great mystery, therefore, to present the newlyweds faces of the saints should only with a pure mind and, accordingly, an open heart.