You will need
  • The Kazan icon of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ
  • Towels
If you marry the daughter, the blessing start you. Before the bride and groom will go to the Registrar, leave with them in the room where no guests.
Take the towel. With it, take the icon of the Kazan mother of God. The image should be aimed at the young.
Say daughter's parting words. A single form for this, and the words must be sincere. Tell her that I wish her love, happiness, many children, prosperity in the house, which she will establish and maintain with the chosen one. You let her go to a new home where she will be well and happy.
Put way the sign of the cross and allow his daughter to kiss the icon.
Similarly, bless the groom. Tell him parting words, put the sign of the cross and let me kiss the image.
Tie the bride and groom hand towel and count the knots. How much will they — as many grandchildren and expect.
On arrival from the Registrar's office in the house of the groom young bless his parents. They take into their family a wife and son. The groom's parents bless the young icon of Jesus Christ.
Put icons on a festive table near the loaf. After the wedding feast they will carry a couple and put in a sacred corner in my apartment. These icons will become the keepers of their family home.