First, to bless family every day, and if necessary, even several times a day. Blessing on any undertaking, a new case. But the parental blessing on marriage is special.
Usually parents bless children for marriagewhen they announce they want to get married. Such a Declaration is called engagement. Parents take an icon and three cross over children, wish them a happy marriage. There is some kind of sacred mystery. Even if children are not believers, you still bless them. With the blessing of the parents would be attracted to the action of God's love, God's mercy and God's protection. Even if you don't know the words of prayer, Express in your own words. After all, God hears us, even when we have not spoken the words aloud.
Tell me kind and wise words. Your life experience is huge, share it with the young. Believers know that God's blessing comes out of a man is the expression of love and devotion to your fellow man. It gives peace and security, brings sorrow and enriches a person. The Bible says that God blessed Adam and eve. And imagine what would happen to our world if God's blessing did not work, if it were not love for all, good and evil.
Sometimes children rebel against parents. Not always the older generation wants to see near their child a choice. And then the parents don't want to bless the marriage.
But parents who are denied the blessing of your children – unhappy people. They are driving themselves into a dead end. Relationship is interrupted, grudges accumulate. They can only regret. After all, the farther it all drags out, the more difficult the reconciliation.
Well, children sometimes have to wait a bit to have the heart of parents, and at the same time and test your feelings. Indeed, over time, when parents find out your soulmate, they will see those good traits that you have been spotted. And take your choice. And bless the marriage.
Bless also his son before leaving home for the bride. The bride and her mother blesses usually after foreclosure fiancé. Because according to tradition the daughter leaves home and goes with her husband's family.